Corvallis drama team wins state title, Hamilton places third

Corvallis drama team wins state title, Hamilton places third


The Corvallis High School Drama Team regained their title of state champion at the Class A State meet in Whitefish last weekend.

A two-hour loss of electricity during round five on Saturday was handled in stride. When the power went out the coaches moved competitors and judges from dark rooms to rooms with windows and the meet continued in natural light. Students using computers had battery power.

Despite losing to Laurel by 12 points in 2019, the CHS team came back strong, taking first place with 142 points. Sidney High School and Hamilton High School tied for second place at 60 points. The official tie break was awarded to Sidney based on their first place duo.

The CHS team is coached by Doug and Michelle McConnaha.

CHS individual state champions include Aubree McGinnis and River Gladwin,  Humorous Duo with cuttings from Ant Farm by Simon Rich; and River Gladwin, Humorous solo with cuttings from The Express Line by Tom Fitzpatrick III.

Other CHS individual results include Jessi Boaz and Sofia Frongillo, 2nd,  Drama Duo; Arthur Ryan, 2nd, Drama Solo; Darius Nisly and Arthur Ryan, 3rd, Humorous Duo; Darius Nisly and Kaden Ahlers, 3rd, Classical Theatre; Aubree McGinnis and Taetum Tresch, 3rd, Drama Duo; Jessica Saturday and Kaylee Trail, 4th, Drama Duo; Hunter Paladin, 4th, Extemp; Kaden Ahlers, 4th, Humorous Solo; Lilly Trail, Paige Capron and James Cashell, 5th, Classical Theatre; Paige Capron, 6th, Mime; Addie Rohlman, 7th, Informative; Taetum Tresch and Nick Holman, 7th, Humorous Duo; Vicki Johnson, Kaylee Trail and Emma Johnson, 8th, Classical Theatre; Jessi Boa, 8th, Drama Solo; Lilly Trail, 8th, Mime; Tiani Ertel, semis, Dramatic Interp; Tiani Ertel, semis, Humorous Interp; Signee Storrud, semis, Informative; Amaya Jensen, semis, Oratory; Lucas Jarrett, semis, Extemp; Inga Watt, semis, Informative; and Jessica Saturday, semis, Humorous Solo.

Other team members competing: Rebecca Boaz, Oratory, Informative; Aidan Rasmussen McGee and Halle Rhodes, Public Forum; Jacob Nelson and Sam Chavez, Policy; Zoe Sampson, LD; and traveling with the team Cody McCartney and Desirea Davis.

“It’s an honor to be the coach of this talented and competitive group of students and I am proud of how hard they worked this year,” said Corvallis head coach Doug McConnaha.

The CHS team took 9th in Speech and Debate.

Hamilton High School coaches, Brenna Chvilicek and Mariah Ancell (CHS graduate and former speech team member) are in their second year of coaching the Broncs.

“I cannot express how proud I am of these students,” Chvilicek said. “We are a fairly young team of mostly freshmen and sophomores new to the team but every member worked hard to be the best they can be this season and it paid off.”

HHS individual placings are: Haley Bender, 1st, Dramatic Solo; Max Naidl, 3rd, Pantomime; Emily Dowdy, 7th, Pantomime; Emily Dowdy and Cheyenne London, 7th, Humorous Duo; Max Naidl and Matilda Pinjuv, 2nd, Humorous Duo; Emerson Widmer and Ezra Gary, 4th, Classical Theatre. Also competing on the team are Gabe Anderson, Carrie Athman, Ava Lilienthal, Athalia Vallejo, Madison Kirkbride, Emily Ziegler, Makenzie Rogers and Gus Courchesne.

“Our returning members represented our team so well that we were able to recruit quite a few more members and as a result they brought home a trophy from divisionals and state,” Chvilicek said. “I am excited to see how this team keeps growing and progressing in the years to come.”

Ancell said the Hamilton competitors have done a great job this season.

“They have worked hard and improved so much in these four months,” Ancell said. “I am proud to be a part of this team and I look forward to the future potential. It feels so good to see them improve and see these smiles, makes all the early mornings and late nights worth it.”

HHS took 13th in speech and debate.

Stevensville High School finished 6th in drama and 10th in speech and debate. Individual results are: Rachel Marchant, 6th, Extemp; Alexsandera Morawic, 5th, Oratory; Dakota Armijo, 6th, Humorous Solo; Alissa loveless, 6th, Dramatic Solo; Dakota Armijo and Sophia Jones, 6th, Dramatic Duo; and 11 students made semifinals.

“All in all it was an outstanding performance,” said JW McClintic, assistant coach. “The team battled through a power outage and still put up great results. I couldn’t be more proud of them and all they have accomplished this season.”

At the start of the awards ceremony after the competition, Whitefish Tournament Director Sarah Mueller praised all who helped make the meet a success.

“We need to thank the community judges, the coaches, the bus drivers and, I guess, even Flathead Electric,” she said.


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