Rachel Janine Kuhlman

Rachel Janine Kuhlman

A Stevensville woman faces charges of felony assault on a peace officer following an alleged jailhouse scuffle.

Rachel Janine Kuhlman, 30, appeared Tuesday on the charges before Ravalli County Justice Jennifer Ray.

Charging documents filed by Ravalli County Deputy Attorney Angela Wetzsteon said Kuhlman was confronted just after midnight on March 12 by detention officers following reports she had been fighting with another inmate.

After being separated, Kuhlman allegedly became combative and began cursing at a detention officer.

After two more detention officers arrived on the scene, Kuhlman continued to resist. The charging papers said she then went after one of the detention officers and used her fist to hit her in the jaw and then the nose.

The detention officer was able to get one handcuff on Kuhlman, but lost her grip.

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Kuhlman then allegedly used the handcuffs to strike the officer in the neck and hands.

Ray set bail at $50,000.