HAMILTON — The Daly Elementary School Gym project took another step toward completion Friday as Jackson Contractor Group construction workers finished putting the roof trusses in place with aid from a crane. 

As the work day wound down, additional roofing materials were being moved to the top of the gym to prep the overhead closure.

"We have the roofer coming Monday to start getting this thing dried in, and then we’re off to the races," site foreman Chris Heffern said. 

Site superintendent Paul Jackson explained the project's status.

"We're starting to set the pan deck now. We'll probably have that completed the first part of next week," Jackson said. "Getting that gym roof out of the way is definitely a big steppingstone (in the project)."

It's a project that kicked off back in May 2017 when voters approved a $9.75 million bond to remodel and expand Daly Elementary and build a new sports complex at the high school.

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The project has had a few redesigns along the way — an addition of 12 classrooms instead of the initially proposed eight, and moving the footprint from the west side of Daly Elementary to the east — but Hamilton School Superintendent Tom Korst said the changes have been for the best.

"The Kurtz entryway, which is different than we initially had in the bond, allowed us to be a little more efficient with space so we could pick up more classrooms," Korst said of the current layout, which will have a new pick-up and drop-off area coming off of Kurtz Lane. "The big thing that people are really, really going to appreciate is the pick-up and drop-off area. It’s really going to be far superior to what we have now."

The community will also have another gym, which received its initial crowning moment Friday.

"I think, like everybody else that’s excited for it, we’re going to have an additional gym in town that students and the community can access," Korst said. "We’ve been short on gyms since I’ve been here, and this is a big addition to the community. I don’t think people realize how much demand is placed on our current gyms we have."

Initial completion of the project was set for February 2020, but the builders have been working at a great pace, according to Korst.

"They said they’re going to be providing the opportunities for tours soon. As soon as they’re clear and they get the roof on I think it’ll definitely pick up pace because then they can pour the concrete slab, get the gym floor down," Korst said. "I still think we’re talking fall to late winter when this will be done, but each day they move forward is a day they’re done sooner."