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Florence-Carlton School's lower elementary building was closed off Monday due to concerns about snow-loading on its roof.

Florence-Carlton School officials will close classrooms in the lower elementary school to students in kindergarten through second grade Tuesday while crews clear snow off the roof.

The district opted Monday morning to move students out of the primary school that houses 10 classrooms of kindergarten through second graders after they noticed the ceiling was bowing in some places under the weight of the snow.

Florence-Carlton Elementary Principal Chrissy Hulla said Monday afternoon that she understood that a structural engineer had examined the roof and said the snow needed to be cleared.

“I think that if we can get the load of snow off the roof, we’ll be in good shape,” Hulla said. “We know that we can’t get it all off today, but hopefully by this time tomorrow it can cleared.”

The primary classes will be moved to other locations in the district Tuesday.

“We decided to err on the side of caution,” Hulla said Monday morning. “We have some concerns about the integrity of the roof. There were enough ceiling tiles askew that it gave you the feeling that something is just not right. It certainly isn’t something we wanted to mess around with.”

There was no water or snow inside the building, nor any creaking or groaning from the roof, she said.

Hulla said the school sent out a recorded phone message to parents to let them know about the situation.

“It’s a flat roof on an old building,” Hulla said. “We have had maintenance people up on the roof. We just want to keep people safe.”


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