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A woman from Brooklyn, New York, faces a felony criminal endangerment charge for nearly causing a head-on accident while driving in the wrong lane on one of Hamilton’s main thoroughfares in the early morning hours of Oct. 21.

Besides the felony charge, Voros also faces misdemeanor counts of driving while under the influence of alcohol and failing to notify the Super 1 Foods Store after causing damage to its concrete edging.

After she was stopped by police while driving in the wrong lane on the north end of Hamilton, Christina Alexandra Voros, 41, told an officer that she was looking for her Air BNB in town.

The charging affidavit said Voros appeared confused when the officer pointed out the fact she was heading out of the city limits when she was stopped.

Ravalli County Deputy Attorney Angela Wetzsteon’s affidavit said law enforcement was notified at about 1 a.m., that a black station wagon with Texas license plates was travelling on North First Street in Hamilton, northbound in the southbound lanes.

A witness reported the vehicle had gone over the curb at Super 1 Foods Store and struck a sign and at one point nearly caused a head-on collision with another vehicle as the station wagon swerved from one lane to another.

A Hamilton police officer found the vehicle crossing Veteran’s Bridge in Hamilton. He said it was heading northbound in the southbound lanes as it crossed the bridge.

When Voros yielded to the officer’s emergency lights, the vehicle was stopped while facing north in the southbound right-turn lane on Highway 93.

The affidavit said the officer immediately noticed that Voros appeared “dazed and confused” when he first made contact with the woman. He could smell the strong odor of alcohol. Voros’ eyes were watery, her speech slurred, slow and deliberate, said the affidavit.

When she got out of the vehicle, Voros swayed heavily despite the fact she held onto the car for balance, the affidavit said. Voros told the officer she had drunk two or three beers, but didn’t know where. She also didn’t know she had been involved in an accident.

Voros was unable to successfully complete the field sobriety test. She took her boots off to attempt the physical portion of the test and needed to hang onto the officer to prevent herself from falling over when it came time to put them back on.

She refused to provide a breath sample.

The officer noted that Voros’ vehicle had three flat tires, the undercarriage was damaged and there were two pieces of the vehicle dragging on the ground.

Ravalli County Justice Jim Bailey set bail at $10,000.


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