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Nicholas Cropp

A Victor man was charged with five felonies that included possession of explosive devices after a day spent upsetting his mother.

Nicholas Thomas Cropp, 25, appeared before Ravalli County Justice Jennifer Ray Friday on felony counts of criminal endangerment, theft, possession of explosives, criminal mischief and criminal possession of dangerous drugs.

The Ravalli County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call for help from Cropp’s mother, Desiree Lynn Holt, on May 9 at about 3 p.m.

According to a charging affidavit, Holt told the responding deputy that her son was “not thinking right” and had demanded she give him her Oxycodone pills and her 2010 Ford Taurus. When Holt refused, Cropp barricaded himself inside her room until he found the pills and then took his mother’s car and fled.

Deputies were initially unable to find the man.

A couple of hours later, Holt called the sheriff’s office to report that her son had returned. During that encounter, she said Cropp told her she couldn’t prove he took the pills. When she said she was going to call law enforcement, he took her phone and fled again with her vehicle.

Once again he disappeared, only to return about 20 minutes later.

This time Holt called from a neighbor’s phone. She said she was concerned about her mother, who also lived at the home.

A deputy arrived five minutes later and saw a figure in the window of Holt’s home. The person exited through a door on the north side of the house. When the deputy came around the corner, he spotted Cropp walking toward some trees.

He ordered Cropp to stop.

Cropp then began to run around the west side of the house with the deputy in pursuit. As the deputy rounded the corner, he met Holt, who was screaming, “He’s after me.”

Cropp then fled again in Holt’s vehicle.

Another deputy spotted Cropp in Holt’s vehicle on Highway 93. When the deputy activated his emergency lights, Cropp fled. Spike strips were eventually deployed, which disabled all four tires on the vehicle.

The pursuit continued on Highway 93. As Cropp re-entered the highway, he caused two vehicles traveling southbound to come to a stop.

Cropp was finally arrested about an eighth of a mile from Holt’s residence.

A deputy later discovered that Cropp had numerous homemade devices made from mason jars and paper towels with electrical cords cut and shoved into the top of the jar. Holt told deputies that Cropp had threatened to burn down the house because they were selling the property.

The affidavit said Cropp had tested a device on Holt’s property. She had put out the fire with a garden hose.

Holt’s empty pill bottle was later located inside the vehicle. Some ammunition and fireworks were also taken from the residence.

Cropp was also charged with misdemeanor counts of criminal destruction or tampering with a communication device, obstructing a police officer and feeling from or eluding a police officer.

Cropp is being at the Ravalli County Detention Center without bond.


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