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MDMH Your Health Weinberger

Dr. April Weinberger of Corvallis Family Medicine will join many primary care providers for the meet and greet as part of the “Your Health is Important to Us” Health Education Series by Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital, beginning Oct. 12.

The Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital Health Education Series begins Thursday, Oct. 12, with a focus on helping community members be a more active in their health care and providing the navigational knowledge to succeed.

Dr. April Weinberger of Corvallis Family Medicine, Allen “Woody” Jones of Bitterroot Physicians Clinic, and Katie Aiken of Ravalli County Council on Aging will be panelists in a discussion on “Your Health is Important to Us.”

The trio will cover topics to help community members engage in healthcare, develop strong relationships with their healthcare providers, and maximize and simplify accessing medical benefits.

Weinberger said she will talk about care coordination, preventative medicine, and developing a strong partnership with primary care providers.

“It’s about relationships and making sure that you’re finding someone that matches well with you, understands you and that you can talk to,” she said. “Hopefully you’ll form a long-term relationship. We say ‘birth to grave’ and that relationship is really key in family medicine practice.”

Weinberger said preventative care is critical and can be started at the beginning of life.

“It’s about preventing diseases, so it is all the health behaviors that you need to stay healthy over the course of your life,” she said, noting that parents care for their children, but teens need to develop self-care. “We see people starting to seek care around age 25, the end of adolescence, when they can see ahead. As adult care providers, a lot of times that is when we reconnect with our patients.”

Weinberger said younger people need to own their health care, and focus on the preventive end of the spectrum to improve their health, while avoiding diseases and epidemics like obesity. 

“Once the disease process is in place, there are things we can do to make it better but we can’t stop it from happening," she said. "In primary care we like to focus on the time before a disease happens, especially when we see something we can do something about.”

“Your Health is Important to Us” is has two parts with a companion presentation Chronic Care Management on Nov. 2, with Cardiologist Anthony Navone and Registered Nurse Stacie Epling. This presentation will focus on how nutrition, stress and the environment can bring on and advance chronic health conditions, and the simple steps to avoid and control them.

The “Your Health is Important to Us” panel discussions on Oct. 12 and Nov. 2 begin at 5:30 p.m. but the doors open at 4:30 p.m. providing the community with information booths for meeting primary care providers, scheduling a wellness visit, joining MyHealth (online patient portal to manage health care), and checking in with Diabetic Health Education, and Council on Aging.

MDMH’s monthly health education classes cover topics designed to bring younger community members into self-care, from nutrition on a tight budget to emotions, stress, and heart disease. For more information visit