Darby High School art will be one area of exceptional programming showcased at the second annual Lorentzen open house and event on Wednesday, April 3.

“We are encouraging all interested persons to attend as we want to showcase the wonderful things going on in our school, of which many have been made possible by the Lorentzen donation,” said Superintendent Dan Johnston. “After a short welcome and introduction message, there will be self-guided tours of the highlighted areas in school where extraordinary education is taking place.”

Johnston said the community will be impressed with the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) lab that has affected every class.

“We will also show the shop, the art program and a lab of virtual reality masks,” Johnston said. “This is neat because it started with smart boards, all the schools had to have them, and then telecommunications with virtual field trips. This is the next step, so you can feel like you’re right there and feel like you can reach out and touch an animal in the San Diego Zoo.”

Darby High School art students created clay coffee cups on the pottery wheel that they donated to the Poverello Center in Missoula.

Art educator Sean Bryers has two classes of ceramics that use three pottery wheels, new glazes and an electric kiln.

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“We have been working all year on making cups, bowls, large vases and our final for the year is a teapot,” Bryers said. “Students have been excited learning how to use the wheel and how to hand build with clay. Clay is a medium that students can express themselves in amazing functional ways. We were so happy to help out the Poverello in Missoula.”

Bryers has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in painting/drawing and a Bachelor of Art Education from the University of Montana.

“I took one college ceramics class in college and loved it, but didn't get to work on the wheel very much,” Bryers said. “I have practiced on the wheel a lot the last four years to be able to teach kids correct techniques and offer multiple ways to get what they are trying to create.”

Attend the second annual Lorentzen open house and showcase event at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 3, beginning in the Darby School cafeteria.

“This is a great time for the public to see our school and the fun and exciting programs we have,” Johnston said.