Kaden Laga

Kaden Laga

A search continued Tuesday in the rugged backcountry above Twin Lakes west of Hamilton for a 20-year-old Utah man who went missing Sunday.

Ravalli County Sheriff Steve Holton said the man was riding horseback with his family when one of the horses went lame.

The man — identified by NBC Montana as Kaden Laga — decided to walk. He separated from the rest of the family about 3 p.m. When Laga did not show up at the trailhead, his family called for help.

Holton said he understood that Laga was walking ahead of the group.

“It’s a huge area to try to search,” Holton said. “We know where they separated. He may have taken the wrong trail.”

Two Bear Air performed a night search using its infrared capabilities, but Holton said they didn’t find anything. Helicopters with Choice Aviation and the Montana National Guard are also being used in the search.

“We haven’t put a search crew on the ground yet,” Holton said. “We are trying to narrow down the area where we should apply our ground resources. That’s a huge area to cover if you’re on foot and don’t know where to look.”


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