Robert Carrell

The arrest of a convicted rapist in a trailer park south of Hamilton Thursday prompted thank you's to police officers from neighbors.

Robert Leroy Carrell, 52, is required to register as a sexual offender after being convicted of rape in California in 1983. He also needs to register his address with officials.

But on Thursday, when a four-person team conducted a compliance check for sexual and violent offenders in south Ravalli County, they realized that he couldn’t be at his registered address on Main Street since the building had been torn down. Instead, they contacted his parole officer, who provided an address in the 1700 block of Highway 93.

The registration compliance team went to that address, accompanied by a Ravalli County sheriff’s deputy in full uniform. When they were within six feet of the trailer, the door popped open, Carrell stepped out and saw the officer, then backed into the trailer and refused to come out.

Carrell was told he was under arrest for violating his sexual offender registration requirements, and he allegedly began fighting officers.

According to court documents, Carrell "had to be physically dragged from his trailer and placed on the ground so the second handcuff could be used to secure his other arm.''

“Defendant yelled ‘Rape, rape, I’m being raped!’ and continued yelling while the officers checked his restraints for tightness and patted him down for weapons,'' the documents say. “Occupants from other trailers came out during the disturbance, and thanked the officers after defendant was secured, indicating that defendant had been yelling and screaming at approximately 3 a.m. that morning.”

Carrell was jailed at the Ravalli County Detention Center on felony charges of failing to register as a sexual offender and probation violation, along with a misdemeanor resisting arrest charge. He remains in the facility in lieu of a $50,000 bond.