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Community members with Norwegian ancestry decorated the Paper Clip window in downtown Hamilton last week in celebration of Norway's independence.

John Trangmoe, Carol Peterson, Helen Gookin and Sonja Bosworth used traditional items to tell the story.

Peterson, president of the local Sons of Norway group, said Norway declared its independence more than two centuries ago.  

“On May 17, 1814, we had the constitution of Norway to mark our independence from Denmark,” Peterson said. “Its independence came into a union with Sweden, then in 1905 the union with Sweden was dissolved and then we got a king.”

Liberation Day, May 8, was celebrated as the end of World War II and is tied to the Norwegian Constitution Day for a broader and more meaningful celebration.

Norwegian dress, a plaid bunad, tells where each person was from, similar to Scottish clan tartans.

Bosworth said a fishing troll represents hiking.

“The trolls are the notorious mischief makers — they’ll trip you up every chance they get,” Bosworth said.

The next meeting of the local Sons of Norway is a potluck picnic at 6 p.m., on June 21 in Summerdale Park east of Corvallis. It will be a celebration of the Summer Solstice — which in Norway's capital, Oslo, amounts to nearly 19 hours of sunshine.

All nationalities are welcome.

“You have to enjoy humor and food,” Peterson said.

The display window in the Paper Clip has traditional dress, artwork and a brief history of Norway.