Join the Victor Heritage Museum at their Ice-Cream Social this Sunday, August 25, as they celebrate their 30th year.

VHM President Suzanne Tout said the event is a thank you to the community that made the museum possible.

“It was all donated, everything was donated,” she said. “The building, the land, the labor they put in and bake sales, fundraising and grants. It is still here because of the generosity of people – grants, individual donations, and more labor. The museum just wouldn’t be here without them.”

Tout said all of the contents have also been donated.

“What we make doing fundraising, like at the chocolate tasting party, that supports the day-to-day living of the museum i.e. the insurance, the heat, the cooling, the outside maintenance, the inside maintenance, the computer and all of the items and treats for the party are donated,” Tout said. “We are thanking everyone in the world for years, and years, and years of supporting us. Clearly, it couldn’t be done without them.”

The Victor community and the people in the Bitterroot Valley have had an impact on the museum from donating to and being there for the chocolate tasting party, to attending the annual summer launch event and visiting the exhibits throughout the summer. Donations from around the whole valley have built the museum to be a showpiece and center of gatherings for the community.

“It really is a great testimony to people,” Tout said. “The entire valley has been wonderful. We needed more items than just what we had in Victor and we expanded it to the whole Bitterroot Valley. We’re really just one cog in the Bitterroot Valley.”

The Ice-Cream Social and 30th Year Celebration will begin at noon on Sunday and continue until 3 p.m. with ice-cream, cookies, camaraderie, out west horse-drawn wagon rides and face painting by Georgine Lisa Archer (which is also the entry to a youth t-shirt raffle).

The event provides a great opportunity to see the door, railing and bridge on the north side of the building that was installed by Brian Langton.

“That was another example of volunteer labor and supplies plus a grant which was written by a volunteer,” Tout said. “We are just so grateful to the community and we thank them for their support.”

The Victor Heritage Museum is located at 125 S, Blake St, Victor. For more information call 642-3997 and leave a message.