Despite a late school start due to snowy roads, 10 members of the Corvallis High School’s Student Council made their way to Sapphire Lutheran Homes to bring some holiday cheer to residents recently. 

The chef at the independent learning center provided the cookies and frosting and the students provided some laughs and entertainment.

Student Council co-presidents Sarah Cerdena and Morgan Weidow organized the event and coordinated with Sapphire’s community life director Dominic Farrenkopf.

“When Morgan approached me with the idea of Corvallis high school student council participating in an activity with the residents of Sapphire Lutheran Homes I got very excited,” Farrenkopf said. “Intergenerational programs are always a big hit. Even though we had a major snowstorm that day the student council still arrived at Sapphire, decorated cookies and brought holiday cheer to our residents.”

During the course of the morning, the students discovered that it was resident Anne Warren’s 83rd birthday and sang happy birthday while she blew out a candle in one of the cookies she was decorating.

“It made my day,” Warren said.

Senior Bailey Zsupnik said it was special to see how much joy the event brought to the senior citizens.

“I think student council should continue to do things for our community,” Zsupnik said.

Student Council co-President Morgan Weidow said she enjoyed the time with the older generation.

“It was so much fun to get to spend time with these residents; listening to their stories, sharing their joy and bonding with them through a fun activity,” she said. “It was really important to our group to get out and connect with a part of the community this holiday season and it was wonderful to do so with the community at Sapphire Lutheran Homes.”

Sapphire resident Ruth Hazelton said the students were “delightful.”

“They were very into the project,” she said. “The cookies were colorful and oh, so good.”

Sapphire resident Jackie Scriver said the cooking decorating session was “just darling.”

“I love the children,” Scriver said. “The students were friends with my grandson and even though I didn’t see him, it was neat seeing his friends. It was very, very fun and the children made it even better.”

Student Council co-president Sarah Cerdena said she especially enjoyed speaking with the residents about their past Christmases spent in the Bitterroot Valley.

“It was a perfect way to start the Christmas season,” Cerdena said.

The Corvallis Student Council has several other service events scheduled over the next few months but the students agreed to add another visit to a senior citizen facility to their schedule.