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Some play!

The newest play at the Hamilton Playhouse is a charming production of Charlotte's Web, from the classic children’s book by E. B. White (adapted by Joseph Robinette).

Morgan Kellar, a senior Hamilton High School, is making her directorial debut. She has worked with the Hamilton Playhouse in just about every capacity, behind the scenes, on stage and in the office, and this is the perfect capstone.

Executive Director Denise Rose said Kellar is her “assistant director of choice” whenever she directs a show and her “right arm” in the office.

“Morgan has a wonderful artistic vision for Charlotte's Web and it is very exciting to see her to take control of this production,” Rose said. “I knew directing this show would be a great opportunity for her and that she could handle any challenges that came her way.”

Kellar said the best part of being the director is watching her vision come to life.

“I think directing community theater is especially rewarding because I am able to see all of the different areas come together by overseeing the set, props, and costumes,” Kellar said. “I have fond memories of watching Charlotte's Web when I was younger, so being given the opportunity to direct it has been great.” It is a fun, heartfelt classic that is perfect for any age and a great story about friendship and overcoming obstacles told by talking animals - what's not to love?”

Charlotte's Web is a story about relationships, friendships, and the challenges and cycles of life. It is set in a rural community and at the farm of the Arable family. The story is about young Fern Arable who understands animals and rescues the piglet, Wilbur, the runt of the litter. Wilbur makes friends with Charlotte, a barn spider, who spins words of praise for the pig into her web. “Some Pig!” is the first web design that launches Wilbur to fame.

Charlotte, Fern and the barn animals work to save Wilbur from his typical farm destiny of growing up to be ham and sausage.

Kellar said the show has great variety.

“There are animals and there are humans played by children and adult actors, which has been a challenge,” Kellar said.

The cast of Charlotte’s Web is: Maeci Thomas (Fern Arable), Kurt Owns (John Arable), Daphne Jackson (Martha Arable), Finn Kemp (Avery Arable), Nevin Graves (Homer Zuckermann), Bonnie Wickham (Edith Zuckerman), Colton Mason (Lurvy), Matilda Pinjuv (Wilbur), Owen Lint (Templeton), Dakoda Hankinson (Charlotte), Jessica Dufresne (Goose), Lila Dufresne (Gosling), Beatrix Paxson (Sheep), Bea Paxson (Lamb), Roland Bennet (Uncle), Ava Lilienthal (Narrator one), Fern Steward (Narrator two), Autumn Parker (Baby Spider), Gigi Parker (Baby Spider), Olivia Brough (Babay Spider), Isabella Kanenwisher (Ensemble), Madison Sidoruk (Ensemble), Kathryne Welsh (Ensemble), Charlotte Hawkes (Ensemble) and Smaantha Parker (Ensemble).

The crew of Charlotte’s Web is Morgan Kellar (director), Corvallis High School senior Colton Mason (Assistant Director), Morgan Kellar and Denise Rose (set design), Bonnie Wickham and Denise Rose (costume design) and Morgan Kellar (lighting).

Kellar invites everyone, of all ages, to the production at the Hamilton Playhouse.

“Our version is true to the original story with all of the same characters that everyone loves,” Kellar said. “It is a fun, heartfelt classic that is perfect for any age and a great story about friendship and overcoming obstacles told by talking animals. I think our set, costumes and cast truly bring the show to life and will leave the audience smiling.”

Charlotte's Web will be at the Hamilton Playhouse for two weekends - April 20-22 and 27-29. Show times are 8 p.m., on Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m., on Sunday. Tickets cost $15 for adults and $8 for children age 12 and under. Purchase tickets from 1 – 5 p.m., Wednesday through Friday at the box office, 100 Ricketts Rd., or online at For more information call the Hamilton Players at 406-375-9050.