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Lone Rock School kindergarten students were in full Thanksgiving mode Tuesday morning as they learned how to make some of the basics for the holiday meal.

Their day began with teachers Cheri Hollist and Shelby Murphy offering them insights on how to make applesauce and butter from scratch.

One by one, they took turns peeling a batch of apples with an old-fashioned apple peeler.

When they finished and a safe distance from the work area, Hollist pulled out her knife and carefully cut up the apples that would fill her room all day with the sweet smell of bubbling applesauce being cooked to perfection.

And when that chore was complete, the youngsters gathered in a circle on the floor in preparation of putting their biceps to work in making butter that they would sample later that day.

The teachers handed out jars filled with milk and then the chanting began.

"Shake, shake, shake,

Butter we will churn.

Churn, churn, churn,

Now it's your turn."

The bottles were passed from one set of eager hands to the next as the youngsters experimented with a variety of ways of saying the same words over and over and over again.

Some grimaced as they shook the bottles hard. Others showed a bit more finesse, but eventually the milk began to turn to butter.

By the time the job was done, the young butter makers were ready for some fresh air and a chance to put other muscles to work.

"They like doing doing these hands-on kinds of projects," Hollist said. "They always get a lot out of them."


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