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A 49-year-old Great Falls man is facing felony charges of elder abuse and theft after allegedly stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of items – including dozens of collectors’ coins, mounted deer heads and quilting items – from a Hamilton woman when he watched her house while she was in Arizona for the winter.

According to court documents, the woman went to Arizona in October 2013, and left her home in the care of Brian Brow. When she returned in May 2014, Brow was missing and so were at least 20 other items, including her 2001 Buick Park Avenue car, a large anvil, an antique sewing machine, 20 pocket watches and a large crock pot. The value of the missing items is estimated at about $15,000.

A neighbor told police that while the woman was gone, he observed Brow removing property from the home on several occasions. When confronted, Brow allegedly said he was asked to sell the property.

Upon further investigation, officers discovered that Brow allegedly wrote six checks ranging from $40 to $538 from the woman’s checking account. The forged checks totaled $1,068, according to court documents.

The woman was able to get some of her property returned after three individuals stepped forward, saying Brow sold them antiques that he said the woman wanted to sell.

Along with the two felony charges, Brow is charged with misdemeanor theft and forgery. He is jailed in the Ravalli County Detention Center in lieu of a $25,000 bond.


Associate Editor

Associate Editor at The Ravalli Republic