VICTOR - Cowboy Troy’s restaurant, bar and casino in Victor has new owners with plans to keep the talented staff and traditional offerings.

Chris and Kimberly Partridge, with daughters Jaclyn and Kristen, stepped in to their new business August 27.

Chris Partridge said bar and restaurant ownership is a new adventure for them. The family moved from the Vancouver, Washington, area 22 years ago and Kim has been an accountant and small business owner in Missoula. Jaclyn and Kristen have been in food service and bartending for years. Chris is an outside salesman who visited Cowboy Troy’s on his travels.

“I’ve been familiar with it for 10 years,” Chris Partridge said. “We know Troy. We’ll keep the same staff, and everything will stay the same with the exception of we’ll be bringing in our daughters. Jaclyn will be more on the restaurant side and my oldest, Kristen, has bartended before and will be on the bar side.”

The family has lived in Stevensville, Woodside and now lives just below Pinesdale.

Chris Partridge said his effort in the business is moral support.

“My wife is the personality that needs a challenge and a little stress,” he said. “My daughters are sharp, business-minded and well-adjusted kids. It will be good to have the family together working here.”

Kim Partridge said she likes stress.

“I’m crazy I know, I’m an accountant who likes tax season,” she said. “I’ve worked all over in the valley and we’ve been around for a while.”

She said purchasing Cowboy Troy’s was a scary step.

“The beginning part makes me nervous but once we’re into it I’m fine,” Kim Partridge said.

The Partridge family is starting with 13 employees and will still call it Cowboy Troy’s although Cowgirl Kim’s was in the discussion.

“We don’t want to change a thing for a while,” Chris Partridge said. “Maybe we’ll add a few things to the menu and in six months or so open the bar more toward the north.”

The saloon walls and ceiling have dollar bills with customer names.

Former Owner Renne Abbe said the bills are a tradition and a draw.

“Most of these are from people passing through and they come back every year and look for the dollar with their name,” she said. “When I took over 11 years ago there were just dollars on the mirror. I took them off the mirror to the wall and they’ve taken over the bar. Little kids put their dollars up lower on the wall, so they can see them.”

Catering will continue offering a range of services from burgers and wings for a picnic or an elegant soirée for a wedding with 300 guests.

“This will work,” Abbe said. “I’m the one that build this and I’m not going to let it die. It will work no problem, we’ve got this.”

Cowboy Troy’s will continue to be open seven days a week with the same hours – the restaurant will be open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and the bar will be open 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.

The restaurant side boasts of handcrafted crispy crust pizzas baked in the custom designed wood fired brick oven, 11 different flavors of chicken wings, delightful salads and delicious burgers. Specials include Taco Tuesday and margaritas, Wing Wednesday, Gyro Thursday. There is live music every Friday from 8 p.m. to midnight, Saturday is for catering and special events and Sundays have a Bloody Mary special.

Live music has been scheduled through the end of the year. The upcoming lineup is Sept. 14 – JJ and Company, Sept. 21 - Ugly Pony and Sept. 28 - Newmatics.

Abbe said she will still help at Cowboy Troy’s.

“I’m totally happy about it,” she said. “I get to be here, be a part of it but don’t have to be here seven days a week. I’ll just pop in when they have a question and help out when they need me.”

Cowboy Troy’s restaurant and saloon is at 2359 U.S. Highway 93 in Victor. For more information call 406-642-3380 or online visit cowboytroys.com or email info@cowboytroys.com.