Bradley Williams

Bradley Williams

A Darby man who allegedly told the officers who arrested him for stalking and intimidating a woman that he was “sick in the head” was sentenced last week to 10 years, with five suspended, with the Montana Department of Health and Human Services

Bradley Kenneth Williams, 33, is currently serving the sentence at the Montana State Hospital in Warm Springs. 

Williams was charged with making scores of phone calls and sending at least 100 text messages to a woman he said he had found on a dating website.

The woman reported receiving “disturbing calls and texts from an unknown male” including one on Sept. 30, 2017, in which he told her: “You better be ready cause I’m coming tonight.”

The woman also received a text message that read “I was just going to rape you … now I’m going to keep you forever.”

The woman attempted to have his number blocked, but court records said he continued to call from other numbers to threaten sexual violence.

An officer was able to track the numbers to two email addresses, including one that had the name “Brad” in it. The woman recalled someone named “Brad” had liked a picture of her on Instagram and had wanted to message her on Facebook, but she had denied the request. The information in his Facebook profile showed he lived in Darby.

When the woman described the Facebook profile photograph, a Darby officer recognized Williams from previous contact with the man. The next day, the woman received a text message that included photos of her house and car.

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Shortly after receiving that text, the woman received another phone call from the man who again threatened her with sexual violence and mentioned her address several times.

Court documents said Williams called back a short time later and asked the woman if she would get a restraining order if he were to give her his name. He said it would force him to stop. Williams told the woman that he was sick, had found her on a dating site and had become obsessed with her.

Williams was arrested Oct. 21, 2017.

Williams pleaded no contest to a felony charge of intimidation and a misdemeanor count of stalking before Ravalli County District Judge Jennifer Lint as part of a plea bargain that dropped several other charges. Lint suspended five years of the sentence.