MNA trainings in the Bitterroot

The Montana Nonprofit Association will share their knowledge and introduce volunteers to the basics of non-profits, board memberships, how to be a good board member and engage more deeply in the community, in Hamilton and Stevensville, April 16 and 17.

The Montana Nonprofit Association will be offering two training opportunities on nonprofit leadership and stewardship in Hamilton and Stevensville, April 16 and 17.

Shelby Rogala, professional and organizational development manager with MNA, said these are trainings the organization has done across the state.

The first workshop, “So You Wanna be a Board Member,” is a project MNA has been developing to help nonprofits be the first thing people think of as they give back to their community. Their goal is to help nonprofits continue to engage new generations of volunteers, donors, staff members, board members and new audiences. The training has been developed after years of research and thinking.

“In Montana, nonprofits are required to have three board members and in many communities that is the same 10 people who are serving on all the boards in town,” Rogala said. “We are looking at how we can lower some of the barriers and break some of the myths about what board membership is and isn’t so boards across Montana look a little different.”

“So You Wanna be a Board Member” is an interactive and fun two-hour training that serves as an introduction the basics of nonprofits, board memberships, how to be a good board member and engage more deeply in the community. The training is geared towards young professionals, emerging leaders and people passionate about making a difference in the Bitterroot Valley.

“It is how to be able join a board and understand what is going on and contribute in a positive way to the culture that all our boards have established,” Rogala said. “I’m really excited about that one.”

Nonprofits looking for new committee or board members could communicate that need ahead of the workshop and the information will be shared with people attending.

“So You Wanna be a Board Member” will be free of charge from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on April 16 at Bitterroot Brewery or Westslope Distillery (to be determined).

The larger training on April 17 at the Stevensville Main Street Association is on Nonprofit Board Leadership and Stewardship.

Lunch is included and the training for seasoned board member or a new recruit will cover all the details to become an excellent board member including calendars, communities, agendas, legal responsibilities, strategic vision and financial stewardship.

“This is geared for folks already on board and looking for a deeper dive,” Rogala said. “It is a full day workshop with a lunch. It will help nonprofits know how to build a good board culture and do good work. It is a wonderful curriculum that our executive director presents.”

Rogala said that growing up and working in the Bitterroot has given her first-hand knowledge of organizations here.

“There are so many great organizations doing amazing things in the Bitterroot,” she said. “It seems like this is a population of young people that are becoming really engaged in the community and I’m excited to see if we can leverage their strengths and get them plugged into some of these organizations that they might not be connected to.”

The Nonprofit Board Leadership and Stewardship training on April 17 costs $30 For MNA members and $ 45 for nonmembers. 

This training is funded in part by the Rapp Family Foundation, with additional scholarships available through Bitter Root Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D).

Tim Peterson, president of Bitter Root RC&D, said they are offering scholarships by partnering with Washington Foundation.

“We are also working with the Executive Directors Network’s Denise Rose, and the Stevensville Main Street Association’s Lorainne Roach and we are working together to bring this board workshop to town and spread the love,” he said. “We will figure out what kinds of workshops nonprofits want and we’ll have more workshops later.”

To arrange scholarships, connect with Peterson at tim@tppeterson.us or 406-381-2054.

Register for the trainings online at http://bit.ly/introboard/.

Roach said that with 35 nonprofits in Stevensville she is looking forward to hosting the April 17 training at the Stevensville Main Street Association.

Rogala said MNA is planning an additional training as part of the RAPP Family Foundation grant in the future.

“We’ll try to see what is needed in the community and line up the resources with what those needs are, which will be exciting,” Rogala said.