Patty Tolar opened her business in Darby with a focus on hypnotherapy, business, life coaching and equine facilitated learning.

Equine facilitated learning is also called equine assisted learning. Its purpose is to expand personal awareness through a series of equine guided experiences or exercises.

“Horses are masters of present mental awareness which we human beings are becoming very distant from,” Tolar said. “There is information in that to ourselves about what we are putting out into the world, how we are showing up and how we are feeling. Sometimes it is, ‘Why am I being triggered by this circumstance?’”

Tolar completed her certification about two months ago and is hosting seminars, retreats and clinics geared towards women’s empowerment. She listed others who would benefit including veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and people who have survived traumatic circumstances.

“I’m a little different,” Tolar said. “I am a coach and a clinical hypnotherapist, so I have a different approach but incorporate coaching modality.”

Tolar uses horses for mindfulness training, “because they are tremendous mirrors for what we are actually putting out,” she said. “What we are not mindful of they are incredibly perceptive. They are a prey animal and to survive in the past they had to be ultra-aware of their environment.”

She said horses are sensitive to human emotions often ones we are not aware of or are trying to hide.

“The Heart Math institute has done research about how powerful the work with horses is,” Tolar said. “A horse’s electromagnetic heart field is something like 10 times greater than a human’s and it helps bring us into coherence a lot more quickly than on our own.”

Tolar offers one-on-one therapy with her horse, hypnotherapy, mindfulness training and coaching in person and online.

She made the commitment to open her business fulltime in Darby for easy access to people living in the South Valley.

“I can do individual private clients and can incorporate the equine facilitated learning into what they are exploring,” she said. “I give workshops in other areas as well.”

She will offer a Women’s Retreat on June 22 at Rivera Ranch in Stevensville for a fun day of self-discovery.

“Learn how to experience greater self-awareness and personal power with the ancient wisdom of the horse,” Tolar said on the flier promoting the retreat. “Acknowledge your personal power, tap into your inner wisdom and intuition and become empowered to take inspired action to create change in your life.”

She’ll also present in Atlanta in July and at another location in September.

Tolar said she enjoys working with women about boundary issues, self-esteem issues and “being connected to their heart.”

“Teaching them to listen to all the wisdom that we have and don’t take the time to acknowledge,” she said. “It is being mindful about what is going on and how to create a different response. Hypnotherapy is working with the unconscious mind where many of our responses start.”

She said hypnotherapy is a powerful way to make changes within yourself.

“It is often used for things like anxiety, weight loss and pain management, but also I’ve worked with a lot of women entrepreneurs and their unconscious limiting beliefs hold us back in our lives,” she said. “This is a great way to explore, become conscious of those beliefs and create a new response, a different filter or a different feeling around it.”

She said hypnotherapy treatment can help with sleep issues and anger management.

“I’m not curing anything I’m helping people find ways of working with our natural capabilities by working with their unconscious,” Tolar said.

She said if people are depressed they need to see a medical doctor.

“There are a lot of health benefits to learning deep breathing techniques and self-hypnosis techniques,” Tolar said. “It can be a huge advantage over pain.”

Tolar learned to ride horses at age 5, has been a professional horse breeder for years then studied to be an equine assisted coach. She is also licensed by the American Council of Hypnotherapists and has online clients.

Tolar’s office, 115 N. Main Street, Suite D, in Darby has been open over a month. Her office hours are 9 a.m. to evening with flexible hours and days. Contact her at 406-360-7864, pattytolar@gmail.com or PattyTolar.com.

“We all have our answers within, we just need to learn to access them,” Tolar said. “Experience the power of living your potential. It’s been a long journey for me and this work actually incorporates everything and is very exciting.”