The Hamilton High School drama club called the “Pretenders” is presenting an original production of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Nov. 8 and 9.

The play in two acts introduces the audience to the witchy world of Macbeth, but with a twist.

Director Faylee Favara said that although Macbeth is the timeless tale of murder, greed, revenge and the supernatural, the Pretenders give a modern twist to the witches, ravens, and bloody kings and queens.

“It is different than you’re standard Macbeth,” Favara said. “We set it in an alternative high school universe. The three witches are the ‘Mean Girls.’ We are having a lot of fun with anime and Goth throughout the show.”

The story line is that Macbeth is brave and loyal to Queen Duncan but after hearing a prophecy that he will someday become king he is overcome by ambition and greed. The prophecy and his wife’s encouragement spur him to kill Queen Duncan and take the throne. Then Macbeth’s guilt, fear and paranoia lead him to commit even more murders to secure his power.

Spoiler alert: his confidence in the prophecies eventually led to his downfall and he was overthrown.

“The story is hugely accessible, greed and revenge, helping them to create strong characters and relationships,” Favara said. “The language, though challenging, has become more comfortable for the cast and they are telling the story vividly."

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The cast is Lucy Burns - Witch One; Abigail Baker - Witch Two, Nichole York - Witch Three, Allie Haworth - Queen Duncan, Austin Kidd - Prince Malcolm, Dan Walker – Captain, Logan Busa – Lennox, Oliver Holmes – Ross, Natalie Hoerner – Angus, Ian Burns – Macbeth, Brandon Schwalm – Banquo, Audrey Nydell - Lady Macbeth, Natalie Hoerner – Servant, Dan Walker – Donalbain, Hunter Vegoren – Fleance, Jonah O’Connor – Macduff, Lucy Burns - Murderer One,

Abigail Baker - Murderer Two, Nichole York - Murderer Three, Hunter Vegoren - Apparition One and Three, Brina Tyszko - Apparition Two, The Cast - The Eight Kings, Brina Tyszko - Lady Macduff, Hunter Vegoren - Young Macduff, Kiara Fuger – Messenger, Kiara Fuger – Doctor, Abigail Baker – Gentlewoman, Brandon Schwalm – Seyton, Kiara Fuger – Siward and Natalie Hoerner - Young Siward.

The crew for Macbeth is Brina Tyszko - Assistant Director, Dannie Meuchel - Lighting Chief, A.J. McWhirter – Sound, Bella Barber, Audrey Marsh - Costume, Makeup and Katee Kostecki - Assistant Costume/Properties.

Favara said special thanks go to Scott Ellis and the HHS Welding Class, Rob Parr, an anonymous donor (costumes), Amber Lynch and the Victor Theater Department.

“Shakespeare is always challenging but the student actors have really thrown passion and effort into their performances,” Favara said. “Thank you to the cast and crew, their parents, the HHS staff and administration for their support. The kids have been working really hard and I think it will be great.”

Macbeth is rated PG for violence.

Attend the HHS Pretenders presentation of Macbeth, Nov. 8 and 9 at the Performing Arts Center, 327 Fairgrounds Road, Hamilton. Tickets are $5 at the door.