Stevensville Main Street

Water restrictions were lifted in Stevensville on Friday. Residents are still required to follow the standard water regulations that include no lawn watering on Sunday or between noon and 7 p.m. the rest of the week. 

Stevensville residents will have an opportunity to meet the candidates that the Stevensville Town Council is considering to fill a vacancy on the Town Council left by Jerry Phillips tonight, Monday, May 13.

Jerry Phillips resigned from the Stevensville Town Council on April 18th. In his resignation letter, Phillips stated he had been threatened by community members and could no longer serve in the position.

Since then, the vacancy has been advertised and two candidates have submitted applications for the position that will expire December 31, 2019. The applicants are Jim Crews and Dempsey Vick.

Crews served on Stevensville’s Town Council from 2014 until he was appointed as Mayor in 2016 to fill the vacancy left by Paul Ludington.

Crews then served as Mayor of Stevensville until he lost election to current Mayor Brandon Dewey.

Vick currently serves as an EMT with the Stevensville Fire Department. He is a trustee of the Stevensville Firefighters Relief Association and is completing a degree in resource conservation. Vick also states on his application that he has formal training from the University of Montana understanding business management, collaboration and conflict resolution.

The Town of Stevensville will host a meet and greet event at Town Hall on Monday, May 13th at 6:30pm to give citizens a chance to ask questions and meet the candidates for the position prior to the Town Council making its selection for appointment.

While this type of event hasn’t been organized by the Town in the past, Dewey said: “It’s certainly our goal, as an administration, to facilitate a transparent and interactive government. We want citizens to have the opportunity to engage with their representatives and have an influence in the decision that will choose their representative.”

Immediately following Monday’s meet and greet, the Town Council will hold a special meeting to decide if both applicants will be interviewed.

“This is a decision that the Council needs to make,” Dewey said. “Logically both candidates will be interviewed, but that’s a formal decision that only the Town Council can make.”

Interviews of the position are scheduled for 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 14th. The Town Council will meet again on Thursday to appoint a candidate to fill the un-expired term.