Second suspect arrested in Missoula motel shooting that killed 2, injured 1

A second man was arrested Sunday in connection to a shooting at a Missoula motel early Friday that killed two people and hospitalized a third.

Two men shot at Missoula convenience store, police looking for suspects

Two people were shot at a Missoula convenience store early Tuesday morning but the suspected shooters fled the scene before police officers arrived.

Family says woman left burned in a field in April has died

RoyLynn Rides Horse died a little after 4 a.m. Tuesday, according to Terry Bullis, the funeral director for Bullis Mortuary.

Flash in the Pan: Italy's artisan olive oils worth exploring

In an olive grove in Spoleto, Italy, a few weeks ago, the Missoulian food section took a little stroll. Greg Patent, the paper’s senior food writer and resident baking wizard, had been invited on a press junket to Perugia (the town that is, not the dearly missed restaurant) for a competit…

Darby community wellness center hits obstacle

The Darby Wellness center has hit a snag in their goal of a community wellness center.