One of the Bitterroot Valley’s most popular summer hikes also makes an attractive cabin-fever remedy when snowpacked.

The Blodgett Canyon Trail rambles about 8.5 miles past some of the most dramatic cliff spires in the Bitterroot Range. In wintertime, the first 3.5 miles to Blodgett Falls provides a worthy destination for snowshoers or post-hole hikers. Icy conditions along the first mile or so from the trailhead could mean miserable going for cross-country skiers.

Flathead Buttress, Shoshone Spire and Nez Perce Buttress punctuate the northern skyline. Glacial moraines and tumbled bounders punctuate the scene.

The relatively small Blodgett Falls cascade makes a good lunch or snack point. Those interested in getting a better view should be wary of the open spaces at their base, which could be snow-covered wetlands.

With summers becoming typically smoke-choked, winter could become the best time to see Blodgett’s scenery. That said, traffic has been quite light much of this winter, with just a dozen or fewer hikers on weekend days.