The old saying, ‘history repeats itself’, is not only true but we get a chance to experience it personally sometimes.

When Norman Maclean wrote “A River Runs Through It” I am sure that he had no idea that what happened in his story would repeat it self over and over as generations of fishermen continue to pass.

A modern day story of two brothers who fly fish and are able to fish together comes from two students at Montana State University. These two brothers are from Hamilton and have been fishing together for sometime. Kameron and Kyle are both fishermen who have a passion beyond what any other fishermen would call a hobby.

The youngest of the brothers caught a very large brown trout a few days ago while fishing early in the morning. It was the largest fish by far that he had caught on a fly rod and was so pleased that his brother took the picture and it was shared with many of us this past week.

When you are a college student you learn to get up early and hit the river before your classes begin because if you don’t you can get caught up in all kinds of activities that might keep you from the river in the afternoon or evening. Getting up early to fish is a passion for these two brothers and they are rewarded with some huge fish when other fishermen are just getting out of bed or eating their breakfast.

I am sure that there are other situations where brothers become good fishing friends and spend a lot of time together on rivers or lakes throughout the country. This story is not a rarity and I wish that I would have a brother that liked to fly fish as much as I do. I would probably spend more time on the river and less time in other things that tend to distract from fishing.

The Bitterroot water levels are a little behind what the normal mean flows are for previous years.

The cooler spring has continued to slow high mountain snowmelt for the past three weeks. The warmer weather this past week will begin to bring down some of the higher elevation snowpack and high water is on the way. I don’t anticipate water flows being at record levels as we are a little late for the big push for water.

Painted Rocks is nearly full so we can anticipate spilling over the top soon.

Start looking for the Salmon Fly adults because they will begin crawling out of the water and appearing on the brush along the river soon. The water weather will continue to stimulate the nymphs and encourage them to leave the river and find a mate. The hatch will start on the Clark Fork before it reaches the lower levels of the Bitterroot so look for updates from the Missoula shops this week.

Fishing this weekend will be good with some stonefly patterns and some blue wing olives if the weather changes and we see some overcast conditions.

Good Fishing,

Bill Bean