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10 Items Astronomy Buffs and Space Geeks Will Love

10 Items Astronomy Buffs and Space Geeks Will Love

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Infinite space background with silhouette of telescope. This image elements furnished by NASA.

Infinite space background with silhouette of telescope. This image elements furnished by NASA.

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Space enthusiasts everywhere can celebrate National Astronomy Day on Oct. 1

Curious stargazers have been studying the cosmos since ancient times. In the modern era, humankind’s continued fascination has launched global space programs that land astronauts on the moon and send crews to the International Space Station (ISS) to conduct scientific experiments.

Today’s astronomers use advanced telescopes, satellites, and other instruments to gather data about the realms outside our planet. They study neighboring planets in our solar system, the Milky Way, and galaxies millions of miles away.

Aspiring astronomers and space enthusiasts can feed their passion and interstellar fandom with these items that stargazers of all levels will enjoy.

“Astrophysics for People in a Hurry”

Busy intergalactic information seekers can learn more about the universe while carrying on about their day when they listen to the Audible Audiobook version of “Astrophysics for People in a Hurry” by renowned astrophysicist and author Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Tyson leads listeners through the cosmos to learn about the big bang, black holes, quantum mechanics, the quest to discover if there is life beyond Earth, and more.

Telescope 80mm Aperture 600mm - Astronomical Portable Refracting Telescope

Space enthusiasts of all ages can look at the stars and capture amazing images in their own backyard, with this Astronomical Portable Refracting Telescope from HEXEUM.

Kids and adults can use this telescope to look at the moon, stars, and planets. Using powerful optics, you can zoom right into the surface of the moon as if you could touch it. The telescope comes with an aluminum alloy tripod, a finder scope, a Zenith monitor, two eyepieces, and a Barlow lens. You can also take incredible photos with a smartphone adapter.

Solar System Planets Science Space Boys and Girls STEM T-Shirt  

Space nerds of all ages can display their affection for the galaxy with this Solar System T-Shirt that features colorful graphics of the planets as they orbit around the sun. It’s a neat shirt to wear for astronomy or science clubs and comes in youth and adult sizes.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Motorized Solar System Toy, STEM Toy, Ages 8+

Precocious space enthusiasts can explore the solar system and its planets from home with this Motorized Solar System Toy from GeoSafari.

Rotating inner and outer planets move around the sun at different speeds to replicate the planets’ true orbit. At night, swap the sun for a star dome and it will project constellations or the wall or ceiling. This battery-operated, educational toy promotes STEM learning and is suitable for kids eight and older.

Solar System Coloring and Activity Book for Kids: Coloring Pages, Dot-to-Dots, Mazes, and More

Kids fascinated by space can have lots of fun coloring, doing puzzles, mazes, and more with this Solar System Coloring and Activity Book. Each page features fun space facts and images to color like planets, stars, astronauts, and rockets. Kids should use crayons or colored pencils to shade both sides of each page.

Our Solar System Science Education T-Shirt Men, Women, Kids T-Shirt

Astronomy admirers can proudly display their interstellar enthusiasm when they wear this Solid Color Solar System T-Shirt. The bold screen print graphics depict realistic images of the planets hovering in a starry sky while circling the sun. It is available in youth and adult sizes.

“Visual Galaxy: The Ultimate Guide to the Milky Way and Beyond”

National Geographic delivers a captivating visual tour of the solar system, planets, stars, and more in this extensive photographic volume, “Visual Galaxy: The Ultimate Guide to the Milky Way and Beyond.”  Over 350 breathtaking photos, illustrations, and graphics guide readers on a visual journey of the cosmos. It’s a must-have book for aspiring astronomers and space fans.

You Are Here - Astronomy Milky Way Solar System Galaxy Space T-Shirt

Space buffs can show off just how tiny our planet is in the vast frontier of space when they wear this You Are Here – Astronomy Milky Way T-Shirt. Like a small pinpoint on a geographic map, the shirt features the fun header “You Are Here,” with a line extending down to a tiny dot in the middle of a picture of the Milky Way. This shirt makes an excellent gift for space and science aficionados of all ages.

STAR BUILDERS Solar System and Beyond Map - Part of the Milky Way Galaxy

Astronomy disciples can enhance their bedroom, office, or hobby room décor with this unparalleled Solar System and Beyond Map Poster from STAR BUILDERS. The intricately detailed poster is “the only map with all known moons.”

Other unique features include a Solar System Anniversary Calendar, dwarf planets, descriptions of layers and composition for all eight planets and the sun, and much more. The poster measures 55 1/4 × 20 3/4 inches or 140×53 centimeters for horizontal hanging.

Star Projector, VEESA 3 in 1 Planet Galaxy Projector for Bedroom, Bluetooth Speaker and White Noise

Nurture your aspiring space cadet’s enthusiasm for the planets and give them the ultimate night light with this Star Projector VEESA 3 in 1 Planet Galaxy Projector. The 360-degree rotating projector displays images of a solar system containing nine planets and a moon. The galaxy star projector adds a starry sky backdrop. The unit boasts three light modes, 15 color combinations, and 10 stars.

If you’re a space lover adding to your own collection, or looking for the perfect gift for an astronomy geek, these items are out of this world.


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