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Top pet friendly beaches on North Carolina's coast

North Carolina’s coast is a popular pick for summer getaways, for families who live in the state and for those all over the U.S.!  From the historically famous northern Outer Banks all the way down south to the charming Oak Island beach areas, it’s easy to find the perfect coastal destination for you and your family.  What could make the trip even better?  How about being able to bring your furry family members along for all the fun!  We recently dove into which of these NC beaches are the pet friendliest, so you’ll be sure to know where your entire family is welcome to visit on your next shore vacation. Read more

Animal Control cat Pistachio has wonderful personality

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Humane Society dog Twila is smart, loves to train

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Humane Society cat Brownie is gentle and friendly

Brownie is a gentle and friendly 6-year-old cat. She loves to sit in the window and watch the world go by. When Brownie first arrived at th… Read more


Hamilton residents find comfort, mobility, and savings with an American Standard Walk-In Tub

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Security solutions to keep your Hamilton family and home safe this spring

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Animal Control dog Orchid wants to be babied

Orchid is a 2-year-old female American pit bull terrier. She is a sensitive and somewhat skittish little girl who really wants an owner tha… Read more

Humane Society cat Chewie is a sociable 3-year-old

Chewie is a sociable 3-year-old black cat. He enjoys greeting guests, playing with the laser pointer and taking midday naps. Chewie has had… Read more

Humane Society pet Ranger a fun-loving Terrier mix

Ranger is a fun-loving 2-year-old Terrier mix. He enjoys going for walks and sitting on your lap. Ranger also loves to learn. This confiden… Read more

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Missoula Animal Control cat Sally - aka 'Mob Boss' - now has sweet demeanor

Sally is a 10- to 12-year-old female calico. She is a rather large lady, and has a personality to match. Sally has been affectionately term… Read more