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Time to decriminalize marijuana

Whether you like him or hate him is irrelevant, Donald Trump can do something which a large majority of Americans would support--order that… Read more

Letters to the Editor

A crime against decency

To the person who stole the Christmas garden flag from my parents grave at the Corvallis cemetery: Read more

Tester needs focus on border security

I recently sent an email to Jon Tester asking how many more people have to die at the hands of illegal aliens before he will vote to fund t… Read more

Bring grazing back to help battle wildfires

In the opinion page dated Nov. 25, 2018, George Wuerthner reported on the tragic fire of Paradise, California. He made an important point t… Read more


Security solutions to keep your Hamilton family and home safe this spring

Talk to a local expert about a digital alarm system that will protect your family and belongings.

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Commentary: Under Trump, our public lands are spewing carbon dioxide

The Trump administration tried to sneak two alarming climate change reports past the public last year just after Thanksgiving, apparently hoping everyone would be shopping or sleeping off a turkey hangover. The attempt backfired spectacularly. One of the reports, the National Climate Assessment, gave a new sense of urgency to climate policy in a way unmatched by other recent scientific ... Read more

Commentary: Third party in California? Not going to happen

Could the burgeoning number of independent voters in California constitute the basis for a third party, to compete with the Democrats and the Republicans? I regularly get calls from national political reporters asking for reaction to this prospect, and now some state-based pundits are suggesting California's penchant for innovation will change the political-party equation. There's some logic ... Read more

Commentary: Michael Cohen went from fixer to Trump's worst nightmare

Hell hath no fury like a fixer scorned. As President Donald Trump was settling in for the night at the White House Thursday, Buzzfeed News reported a blockbuster allegation by two unnamed law-enforcement sources: that Trump had instructed his onetime lawyer and hush-money bag man, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress in mid-2017 about a tower Trump had sought to build in Moscow. Cohen has, in ... Read more