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Legislature reaches halfway point

We have arrived at the midway point of the 66th legislative session with a lot accomplished and a minimum of diversions. Getting things don… Read more

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Daines's letter meant to obstruct public process

Seldom-seen Senator Daines ducked into the debate about bike use in Bitterroot Wilderness Study Areas again, of course at a safe distance f… Read more

Sowing seeds

Have you ever changed your mind because someone argued with you? Me neither. Read more

Let's not go through this again

In the 1980s we had the enviable job of pitching Montana’s energy costs as the sixth-lowest in the United States. That low cost allowed us … Read more

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Commentary: Are prior authorization insurance requirements killing patients?

Colin J. Haller was smart, funny, ambitious and athletic. And he was just 25 when he was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. The Maryland native had already launched a successful internet marketing business. An outstanding student, he was applying to medical schools to pursue his dream of a career in medicine when he got that terrible news. His treatment plan called for scans every three ... Read more

Commentary: The Democrats are still great at eating their own

Beto O'Rourke quickly discovered one of the biggest differences between running for the U.S. Senate against an incumbent loathed by Democrats and running for the presidency against an incumbent loathed by Democrats: The latter requires far more self-loathing. His nascent presidential campaign raised more money in its first 24 hours than any other White House wannabe, which suggests that a lot ... Read more

Commentary: The Supreme Court just reinforced the government's power to detain migrants indefinitely

A Supreme Court decision Tuesday morning that backed the government's power to indefinitely detain some immigrants wasn't much of a surprise, though it was still a disappointment. And once again, Justice Steven G. Breyer in a dissent zeroed in on the issue to which the conservative majority of the court has remained blind: The government should not be able to detain immigrants indefinitely ... Read more