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A Montana-made solution for health care, thanks to Bitterroot legislators

In rural areas across the state, critical access hospitals are constantly balancing their mission to offer high quality care to our neighbo… Read more

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Lessons from the deer

Why do I complain? Read more


Support Bitterroot College

I teach at Bitterroot College and believe that opportunities for education enrich lives. I’ve seen homeless single parents graduate and fin… Read more


What happened?

I lived in Ravalli County for 36 years from 1982-2018.  My family was raised here, I had a successful 20-year private practice in massage t… Read more

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Commentary: Tammy Duckworth: A strong Clean Water Act keeps our drinking glasses full, our fish safe to eat and our beaches open

Imagine it's the first day of summer. You decide to take your young family to cool off at Lake Michigan. You pack a lunch, get the beach towels out, load up your kids with sunblock and send them out to play in the lake. After a great day of summer fun, you arrive home and see that your daughter has a rash on her arm and your son is suddenly ill. This could be the reality for families across ... Read more


Commentary: Pete Buttigieg: As president, I will increase HBCU, minority-serving school funding by $50 billion

Left without remedy, an injustice does not heal. It compounds. This is the fundamental principle behind a 2006 lawsuit filed by a coalition concerned for Maryland's four historically black colleges and universities: Morgan State University, Coppin State University, Bowie State University and the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. It alleges that the state funded largely white institutions ... Read more


Commentary: What slavery can teach Supreme Court justices about DACA

The Morgan children were in their pajamas, probably dreaming, when four men broke into their home before daylight, loaded them into the back of an open wagon and forcibly took them across Pennsylvania's southern border. The year was 1837. The men were working with a slave catcher named Edward Prigg who had come for their mother, Margaret, claiming she was an escaped slave belonging to a woman ... Read more