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A look at the most popular Halloween treats in each state for 2018

Want to be the most popular house on the block when it comes to trick-or-treating? Check out this list of everyone's favorite (and least favorite) Halloween treats. Read more

All about that borscht

The long train shuddered through the middle of a cold winter night, somewhere between Mongolia and Siberia. The last car was ostensibly a dining car, but wasn’t very hospitable. Half-full of boxes, with blaring with techno music, only one table was occupied, with some babes playing cards and smoking. It wasn’t the kind of place where I wanted to throw down with the Russian Mob. But then, where is? And it definitely wasn’t the kind of place where I wanted to eat a bowl of borscht. But I did. Or at least, I tried. Read more

Mull over fall with a hard cider, or two

I don’t drink a lot. During the summer I might have a beer or two a week, maybe a gin and tonic or a Moscow mule on a hot day. Every few weeks I meet friends for an evening of spirited talk and a glass or two of wine. Read more

Asian noodle soup to hit the spot on chilly nights

I raided my dried pasta supply the other day and found some Japanese soba and udon noodles I didn’t even know were there. Funny how that works. I must’ve bought them who knows when, but when they turned up I thought, “Time for some soup.” Read more



Security solutions to keep your Hamilton family and home safe this spring

Talk to a local expert about a digital alarm system that will protect your family and belongings.


Reverse mortgages: Too good to be true?

Important information residents of Hamilton need to know before they decide.

Instagram users get free sushi in Milan with proof of posts

MILAN (AP) — A Milan sushi bar has come up with a new electronic payment method that is based on a currency more valuable than cash in some quarters. Read more

Doggy bag: Beagle intercepts roast pig at Atlanta airport

ATLANTA (AP) — A passenger traveling from Ecuador was relieved of leftovers when an intrepid beagle found a roasted pig's head in baggage at the world's busiest airport. Read more

US, South African farmers cry fowl over Trump metal tariffs

WASHINGTON (AP) — Which came first, the chicken or the trade war? Read more

5 things to know about Sweetest Day

Do you celebrate Sweetest Day? Here are a few things you should know about the mid-October holiday that started out as "Candy Day." Read more

10 foods you can eat past the expiration date

The dates we find printed on products are the manufacturer's suggestion for when the food is at its freshest, not when it is unsafe. And th… Read more

From whiskey to champagne: Every U.S. president's favorite drink

From stronger spirits to lighter cocktails, champagne and even just water, each president had his favorite adult beverage while in office. … Read more

Alaska salmon stakeholders divided on ballot initiative

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Alaska salmon stakeholders are split on a ballot initiative that aims to strengthen state law protecting salmon habitat. Read more

Some 7-Eleven Bistro salads recalled by manufacturer

DALLAS (AP) — The maker of ready-to-eat salads sold through 7-Eleven convenience stores is recalling some of the salads because of possible salmonella and listeria threats. Read more

Fairbanks commission calls for more sustainable practices

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) — A draft proposal outlines plans for the Fairbanks North Star Borough to become more sustainable by boosting food security, reducing energy consumption and minimizing waste. Read more

Juicy returns: Florida orange harvest up after long decline

LAKELAND, Fla. (AP) — Florida's orange crop is expected to increase for the first time in seven years. Read more

EatingWell: Farmers' market fresh

Dig into your farmers' market haul to cook this colorful and healthy Mediterranean diet dinner recipe that's packed with vegetables. Feel free to swap in any vegetables or cook up another whole grain, such as brown rice. Lemon-Herb Salmon with Caponata& Farro. Read more