America’s Super Classic Queen talks pageantry and platforms

America’s Super Classic Queen talks pageantry and platforms

America’s Super Classic Queen Justine Morris recently shared the benefits of pageantry and that she will be at the Ravalli County Fairgrounds dunk tank to raise funds for RezQ Dogs.

America’s Super Classic is the competition category for women 50 and older who enjoy pageantry, service and meeting people. Morris has nearly completed her one-year term and will crown her successor on Sept. 8.

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet people from all over the state, promoting seatbelt safety and awareness,” Morris said. “I participated in things like the Drummond parade and the Drummond PRCA rodeo and I’ll participate in a pie-eating contest soon. I’ve even taken it to Orlando, Florida, when I went on a work convention.”

Morris said the highlight of the Florida trip was meeting Cinderella in Disney World.

“I had a picture taken with her and that was really fun,” she said. “I always wanted to meet Cinderella.”

Morris continues to promote the America’s Super Pageant platform of seat belt safety because “wearing seat belts saves lives.”

“I’ve now aligned myself with RezQ Dogs out of Dodson, Montana, because my personal platform is companion animal abuse and neglect,” Morris said. “I will help fundraise for their organization in north central Montana, they rescue unwanted and abandoned dogs from Fort Belknap and Rocky Boy Indian Reservations.”

Morris recently discovered, in a round-about way, that her dog came from RezQ Dogs.

“I adopted by Tana from Montana Companion Animal Network but when Judy Paul passed away in the car accident, I didn’t know anything about Tana because it all went with Judy,” Morris said. “About three weeks ago I learned my little girl came from RezQ Dogs, I’m really excited.”

RezQ Dogs is a volunteer organization committed to adopting dogs. The non-profit receives no governmental or tribal funding and operates solely on private donations, fundraisers, adoption fees and grants.

“To benefit RezQ Dogs, I’m going to participate with Dominic, our mayor, in the dunking booth at the Ravalli County Fair,” Morris said. “I have two shifts 2-4 p.m. on Thursday and noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday. I’ll be in the dunking booth, myself, and would love for people to come dunk me and help me raise money for RezQ Dogs.”

Morris said her participation in Janet Bierer’s America’s Super Pageant was a blessing.

“No matter the personal situation that you’re going through, pageantry and feeling good about yourself are really important,” Morris said. “The days I wasn’t feeling good about myself I could pull out my crown and put it on and I knew I was pretty and special.”

Morris said you don’t have to be in a pageant to feel good about yourself.

“Janet is a beautiful soul,” Morris said. “It doesn’t matter what you look like, what you do, where you’re from, your age, your size, or who you are, she makes you feel special, unique and good about yourself. I can’t say enough good things about her. Women come back years later to compete because she makes you feel so good about yourself, it is such a pleasant, fun, encouraging and supporting pageant experience.”

Morris said the pageant is a personal development opportunity for women to advance the national Safety Belt Use & Awareness platform and their personal goals, while acting as a role model to those around them.

“It is an opportunity to promote a cause all the while feeling good about yourself,” Morris said. “If someone has a dream, they shouldn’t stop but keep going. I have my own businesses and feel that I can accomplish anything. The pageant, Janet’s encouragement and support helped me feel good about myself when I needed it.”

The next America’s Super Pageant is at 7 p.m. on Sept. 8 in the Hamilton Performing Arts Center. There is no admission fee to the contest and crowning production that evening.

Morris said she will compete in the Ms. Category, will keep the same personal platform of companion animal abuse and neglect and will continue to align her efforts with RezQ Dogs.

“We will have a big pageantry weekend the Friday and Saturday before,” Morris said. “There will be girls in crowns and contestants attending events all over the county and people will come from all over the country. Laurissa Ross, Montana's Super Teen 2019, from Missoula will compete.

“You’re never too old to accomplish something so keep your dream handy,” she said. “If you’re lucky, like me, you’ll be able to check somethings off your bucket list. I feel really good about myself.”


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