Details for BITTERROOT HUMANE ASSN - Ad from 2019-10-04

Bring home a
new friend today!
262 Fairgrounds Rd., Hamilton
Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri - 1 - 6pm
Sat - 12 - 5pm
Sun - 2 - 5pm Closed Wednesdays


Peter is a large
tuxedo cat who loves
the cooler temps.
He cuddles up in
blankets and chills
out. He is an older
kitty who would like
an indoor/outdoor
lifestyle. He is known
to be a great mouser
and loves to hunt.



Jazmine is a young
Munchkin cat.
She doesn’t play
much with the other
cats, but greets people
with a meow and
really likes to be held.
She will also gladly
warm your lap for
hours and would love
help staying groomed.

Rosie is a lovely
young cat. She gives
baths to all of the
kittens all day long.
She is a sweetheart
and politely asks
for affection. She
would do well in a
home with cat friends
around and lots of
people to love her.

Lobo is a
Boxer/Bulldog mix.
He is a tall dog
and needs a strong
owner. Lobo is a
chatterbox, making
lots of noises at
people. He prefers
humans over
animals, especially
those who throw
balls for him. He
would be good in a
quiet home as the
only pet with an
active owner.

Piper is a nice young
female who would
rather sit and watch
the action than be
involved in it.
She likes affection
from trusted people
and is an inquisitive,
curious kitty. She is
friendly and would
do well in a home
with another cat.

Kenai is a German
Shepherd mix, and is
10 m/o. She is a busy
young dog and would
love a job to do. She
chases chickens and
can be too rough with
them. She likes to pull
kids on a skateboard
and is used to an
active household.

Kraken is a young
male cat. He likes
to be up in your
business, to help
you with your
homework. He is
a calm kitty, well
behaved and curious.
He is affectionate,
playful and would be
a great family pet.

in on the action and
knowing what’s going
on. He has great leash
manners and loves to
play outside. Harlee is


(with approved application)

Scooby is the best
boy. He is a Lab mix,
about 7 y/o and is
wonderful with kids.
He is well behaved on
Adventure Days and
is a good listener. He
needs friends that
are his size or bigger.
His adoption fees
are paid by Rachel
Kramer Insurance.

Puggle. He likes being


Kittens 3 for $90
Adult cats 2 for 1 $50

Jenna is a feisty
2 year old, she likes
to leap and roll,
jump and pounce.
She has beautiful
markings and rules
the cat room with
her saucy attitude.
She is approachable
though, and loves
belly rubs from
her trusted human

Harlee is an 8 y/o


Squishy is a young
Lab mix. He is very
playful but too rough
to play with kids.
He is selective of his
fur friends. He loves
playing fetch and
posing for pictures.
He likes taking
walks but needs
more confidence
training and a quiet

October Special!

a bit too rough around
cats and would prefer a
quiet household.





Bunee is a purebred
Terrier. She is very
pretty and very fast.
She loves playing
fetch and has a lot
of energy. She is
particular of her
dog friends, and
would do best with
a big fenced yard
and as the only pet.


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