Details for BITTERROOT HUMANE ASSN - Ad from 2019-11-08

Bring home a
new friend today!
262 Fairgrounds Rd., Hamilton
Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri - 1 - 6pm
Sat - 12 - 5pm
Sun - 2 - 5pm Closed Wednesdays





Myrna is an
adorable, short
legged, long haired,
quiet cat. She likes
being in the middle
of a cuddle puddle.
Myrna needs slow
introductions; she’d
like to meet you on
her terms. She likes
to be close to the
action, if only to
watch. She has the
cutest face!
Abby is a 6 y/o Lab
mix. She has been
around older kids and
doesn’t mind cats.
She knows several
commands and is
learning good leash
manners. She plays well
in a fenced yard and is
very loyal. She likes to
be close to her human
Jinko is slowly
warming up to his
new cat roommates.
He likes to perch
high and meow for
attention just out
of reach. He likes
watching the birds
in the crisp air too,
and hopefully catch a
sunray for a snooze.
Bonnie is a gorgeous
3 y/o tri-colored
hound. She is used
to a quiet household.
She is a sneaky
snack thief who
knows how to open
cupboards. She is an
energetic dog and
would do best with
a job to do, a family
to guard, a yard to
claim. She is a real


Miss Kitty



Bunee is a
Staffordshire Terrier.
She is 6.5 y/o and is
a happy, active girl.
She adores chasing
after balls, and needs
an owner with a
tireless arm. She is
picky of her dog
friends and would do
best as the only pet
in the household.
Miss Kitty is an older,
distinguished girl. She
has a watchful gaze,
a quiet meow, and a
head-butting habit. She
likes to observe all from
her throne-perch. She
would love a warm
lap to curl up daintily
onto, and would do
best as an indoor cat.
Gypsy is a beautiful
Catahoula mix. She
is about 6 y/o and
is a goofy, playful
girl. She is curious
of cats, likes playing
with kids and is
very personable. She
likes car rides and
chewing on bones.
She needs more
training to be her
best dog self, and is
also working on her
leash manners.
Ashlee is sweet,
long-haired kitty,
about 14 y/o. She
loves perching up
high, in the fresh
air, regardless of
She has a beautiful
green-eyed gaze, and
will approach you
for attention on her
terms. She is used to
the indoor/outdoor

November is
Pet Month!
When Seniors (55+)
Adopt a Senior Pet
The Fee Is Waived.
(With Approved Application)

Reeva is a pretty
black kitty. She is
young but regal, she
will definitely ask you
for attention. She
is affectionate and
patient with the other





cats around. She has
potential to be a great
family pet.
Opie is a St.
Bernard mix. He is
under 2 y/o and is
used to an active,
noisy household.
He is very playful
around kids and
cats. He is a very
friendly pup, he
loves giving kisses
and getting belly
scratches. Opie
needs an owner who
can give him lots of
attention and love.
Kingdom has
striking markings.
He is calm and
handsome. He
likes affection
and doesn’t mind
meeting strangers.
He is curious of the
goings-on around
him and loves to
sleep all curled up in
the sink.
Zoey is a young
German Shepherd
mix. She has a lot
of potential to be
a wonderful dog,
but needs some
extra TLC and
training to get there.
She is learning
how to make dog
friends and how to
obey commands.
She needs slow


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