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Bring home a
new friend today!
262 Fairgrounds Rd., Hamilton
Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri - 1 - 6pm
Sat - 12 - 5pm
Sun - 2 - 5pm Closed Wednesdays



Come visit all our
wonderful cats & kittens!
Throughout the month of
September save $20 on
kitten adoption fee
(with approved application).

Sirena is a 3 year old
Bengal Abyssinian mix.
She doesn’t like dogs
but would do well with
older kids. Sirena needs
to be an indoor cat, it’s
all she’s ever known.
She is quite affectionate
and adores soft treats.
She is used to a quiet

Jasper is a 2.5 year old
Doge de Bordeaux.
He loves water! He
is a runner and very
active. He can be a
little dog selective,
and would do well
in a home as the
only pet. He would
benefit from an
assertive owner.

Bagira is a 3 year
old Bombay mix.
She looks just like a
panther, but is really a
big lazy lady. She gets
along well with other
cats and can usually
be found prowling
around in the outdoor
cat room, watching
the action. She would
do best with a cat
buddy in the home.

Stargate is an almost
3 year old Bombay
Siamese mix. She needs
quiet interaction and
is a very calm kitty.
Stargate likes her hiding
spots and mostly lazes
around all day. She gets
along fine with other
cats but would also
do well in a single-pet

Maui is a very soft,
nice dog. She is a
2 year old Shepherd
mix. She loves
playing tug with
toys and has nice
leash manners. She
is a smart girl and
would love an owner
who wants to teach
her tricks. She did
wonderfully on an
Adventure Day out

Dot is a 4. 1/2 year
old DSH who doesn’t
like dogs. She does
like long strokes, from
her neck to her tail.
She loves hiding in
blankets but peeks out
to see what’s going
on. She is a bit timid,
but likes affection
every now and then.

Brando is a 1.5 y/o
Rottweiler mix. He
is a little shy but very
personable. He plays
happily with toys and
really likes exploring.
Brando did great on
an Adventure Day to
the river! He loves car
rides and is great with
older kids and dogs.

Leo is a 9 month
old DSH who wears
a tuxedo night and
day. He was born
in the shelter so
would do best as an
indoor cat. He enjoys
lazing around in
blankets but will greet
strangers quickly and
demand pets and
scratches. He would
do well with another
cat friend in the home.

CeeCee is a 4.5 y/o
Sight Hound mix.
She is interested in
cats and loves to play
fetch. She is an active
girl and does well
on a leash. She is a
true sweetheart who
would do best with
a stay-at-home dog
parent. She can be a
bit dog selective.

Allie is a 5 1/2 year
old DSH. She is used
to young kids and
can warm up to new
dog friends. Allie
loves laying in the
sun and watching
the birds through
the leaves. She is
an independant
kitty who will come
visit for a cuddle
on her terms, but is
affectionate too.






Rex is a 6 month old
mix. He knows basic
commands and is
happy in an active
household. He is
playful with older
kids and is curious
about small critters
and cats. Rex loves
tennis balls and
chewing toys with
peanut butter.
Stella is a beautiful
10 month old
mix with
eyes. She loves a
good snuggle and
will happily take
a snooze with
you. She knows
commands and
would be great at
doing tricks. She
needs an owner who
has a lot of time and
energy for her!


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