Details for Mirza Hearing Services, LLC - Ad from 2019-08-21


Miracle-Ear Hearing Centers are looking for qualified people to
test their latest product, the Miracle-Ear® GENIUS™ for FREE*!

Here’s the catch: You must have difficulty hearing and understanding in background noise, and
your hearing must fall in the range of the hearing aid. People who are selected
will evaluate Miracle-Ear’s latest advanced digital hearing solution — GENIUS 3.0.™
You will be able to walk into our office and walk out hearing!†
Candidates will be asked to evaluate our instruments for 30 days (risk free*). Special testing will be
done to determine the increased benefits of this technology. At the end of the testing, you may keep
your instruments, if you so desire, at a tremendous savings for participating in this test. But this is
only for a limited time! You must schedule your appointment before September 3, 2019 Don’t wait!

Small discrete size

Expires 9/3/19.


Missoula - 712 W. Spruce St.
127 Main St. Ste 9
1292 Burns Way
209 Ridgewater Dr.
Supplies may vary per office. Hearing aids do not restore natural hearing.
Individual experiences vary depending on severity of loss, accuracy of evaluation,
proper fit and ability to adapt to amplification.


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