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Stay Cool in Hot Weather:
Heat-Related Illnesses
This summer, we have experienced a record setting heat wave,
with scorching temperatures well exceeding 100° F! While many
people become more active in warmer weather, it is important to
remember that high temperatures can cause a variety of health
problems especially in older individuals. While serious, most of these
health issues can be preventable and reversible with the correct steps.
There are certain risk factors than can increase a person’s chance of coming down with a
heat-related illness. Health and lifestyle risk factors include: poor circulation, liver, heart or
kidney dysfunction, advanced age, being appreciably underweight or overweight, and high
alcohol consumption. Additionally, people who live in homes without adequate air circulation
or who lack transportation are at increased risk for heat-related illnesses.
Steps to prevent heat-related illness include wearing breathable fabrics such as cotton on
warmer days, staying adequately hydrated, wearing sunscreen and knowing your limits
when it comes to physical activity.
Heat-related illnesses encompass a large spectrum of maladies ranging from heat stress
and cramps to heat stroke. Recognizing risk factors and paying close attention to signs and
symptoms of heat illnesses is critical. Ignoring symptoms of heat-related illness can lead to
devastating consequences. Symptoms include: muscle cramps, nausea/vomiting, weakness,
excessive sweating, confusion, irritability, increased heart rate and changes in vision.
If you suspect you are suffering from a heat-related illness, immediately: stop exercising
and relocate to a shaded area or an air conditioned space, rehydrate with water or fruit juice
(nothing caffeinated), cool yourself with water, ice packs or a fan. If you suspect someone
near you is suffering from heat stroke, seek immediate medical help.

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