REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS The Fort Peck Tribes- Health Promotion Disease Prevention (HPDP)-Tribal Health Improvement Program (THIP) located in Poplar, MT is requesting proposals for entering into professional and personal services contracts and agreements in support and for medical, dental and mental health professions for its school-based health programs and Tribal Health Improvement programs on the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Reservation. The HPDP program is seeking incumbents for the following: • Dentists • Dental Hygienists • Dietitians • Psychologists • Licensed Clinical Social Workers • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor • Licensed Addiction Counselors • Registered Nurses • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners • Nurse Practitioners • Periodontists • Physicians (Osteopathic Medicine, Chiropractic, Family Medicine, Psychiatric, etc.) • Physical Therapists • Equine Therapy Services • Aikido Services • Veterinarians • Chief Medical Officer • Dental Supervisor • Consultants with administrative experience in Indian Health Care, Medicaid, Dental, Medical and Mental Health, Strategic Planning, Epidemiology, Health Care Law Proposals must include the submission of a written action plan working with rural, high risk patients and minority populations and how it impacts positive health and mental health outcomes. Incumbent requires at least 5 years knowledge and experience in relevant health care fields. Must have interest in working with Native American reservation communities both individually and in group settings, and knowledge of Native American health disparities. Insurance Requirements include General liability and naming the Fort Peck Tribes as an additional insured, W-9 form, and resume and or CV. The Fort Peck Tribes reserves the right to reject any proposals. The contract will consider cost analysis and feasibility to meet the health needs of its HPDP clients and services. Please submit proposals by October 5, 2020 The Fort Peck Tribes reserve the right to review and select the proposal based on responsiveness of the bidder. HPDP will open proposals on October 6, 2020 at 8:00 am MST. HPDP will contact the selected proposal via email and/or telephone. Submit proposals to: Fort Peck Tribes HPDP P.O. Box 1027 Poplar, MT 59255 RE: Professional and personal service contracts and agreements Email: or OR hand deliver your proposal to HPDP office 417 13th Avenue East, Poplar, MT. Bidder may respond as follows: I am not interested______ I am interested_____, please contact me: NAME:____________________ ADDRESS:______________________ Please contact Kenny Smoker or Marjorie Spotted Bird at telephone 406-768-3052 or email or for further questions. #20605927 September 14-30, 2020