INVITATION FOR BIDS Sealed bids for construction of the following project(s) will be received by the Montana Department of Transportation, Construction Contracting Bureau, Room 101, 2701 Prospect, Helena, Montana until 9:00 a.m. on October 10, 2019. All bids being publicly opened, reviewed for correctness, and then publicly read in the Department's auditorium. 101 ROCK CREEK INTERCHANGE - EAST, ROCK CREEK INTERCHANGE - WEST IM 90-2(155)126, IM 90-2(153)119 IM 90-2(155)126 - Milling, tack coat application, new plant mix overlay and a full-width seal and cover and fog seal on the Rock Creek Interchange - East project in Missoula and Granite Counties. Other work includes new pavement markings, signing, delineation, rumble strips and guardrail upgrades. The project is located on Interstate 90, beginning at Rock Creek Interchange (RP 126.4), 5 miles SE of Clinton, and extending east 8.3 miles to RP 134.8. IM 90-2(153)119 - Milling, tack coat application, new plant mix overlay and a full-width seal and cover and fog seal on the Rock Creek Interchange - West project in Missoula County. Other work includes new pavement markings, signing, delineation, rumble strips, guardrail upgrades and bridge deck crack seal. The project is located on Interstate 90, beginning at RP 119.2, 1.7 miles west of Clinton, and extending east 7.1 miles to Rock Creek Interchange (RP 126.4). 102 STEEL BRIDGE REHABILITATION-CORROSION 1, NHPB STWD(349) Bridge superstructure rehabilitation including the repair or replacement of fatigued and corrosion prone members on steel superstructures, strengthening of steel members, field painting, and joint replacement and rehabilitation on the Steel Bridge Rehab-Corrosion 1 project. The project includes 20 bridges located in the Missoula District. 18 bridges are located on I-90 in Mineral and Missoula Counties, one bridge on US-2 (N-1) in Lincoln County, and one bridge on US-93 (N-7) in Ravalli County. 103 CORRAL CR - 11 M NE CIRCLE STPB 51-2(6)10 Bridge replacement and approach work on the Corral Creek-11 M NE Circle project located in Dawson County. Work includes: remove existing structure, new structure, gravel, PMS overlay, guardrail, fencing, seal & cover and pavement markings. The project begins at RP 10.3 and extends northeast approximately 0.4 miles along State Primary Route 51/MT 200 to RP 10.6. 104 SEELEY LAKE - URBAN STPP 83-1(39)13 The Seeley Lake - Urban project consists of crack sealing, seal and cover, fog seal (shared-use path), pavement markings and signing. The project is located on MT 83/State Primary Route 83 beginning at RP 13.1 and extends 1.7 miles to RP 14.8 in Missoula County. 105 SF 169 BLGS DISTRICT SFTY IMPRV HSIP STWD(563) This project consists of safety improvements at 9 locations in the Billings District: Site 1 - National Highway Interstate Route I-90 (N of Lodge Grass) at RP 528.5. Installation of a curve warning sign and lineal delineation on the median barrier for the curve at RP 528.5. This site is within the boundaries of the Crow Indian Reservation in Big Horn County. Site 2 - State Primary Route P-14/US 12 (SW of Roundup) at RP 157.8 to 160.1. Install curve warning signs for the curve at RP 158.7 and standard delineation from RP 157.8 to 160.1. This site is located in Musselshell County. Site 3 - National Highway Route N-16/US 87 (N of Billings) at RP 23.2 to 30.0 Install shoulder rumble strips from approximately RP 23.2 to RP 30.0 and tie into the existing shoulder rumble strips. The roadway width is 40-feet with 8-foot shoulders. This site begins in Yellowstone County at RP 23.2 and enters Musselshell County at RP 25.2. Site 4 - National Highway Route N-57/MT-3 (Raynesford) at RP 10.5 Install curve warning signs RP 10.5. This site is located in Judith Basin County. Site 5 - National Highway Route N-57/US 87/MT 200 (W of Grass Range) at RP 109.4. Install curve warning signs for the curve at RP 109.4. This site is located in Fergus County. Site 6 - National Highway Route N-57/MT 200 (E of Winnett) at RP 149.3, 151.7 and RP 154.95. Install chevrons through the 3 curves at RP 149.3, 151. 7 and 154.95. This site is located in Petroleum County. Site 7 - National Highway Interstate Route I-94 (W of Pompey's Pillar) at RP 33.55. Install for WB only, linear delineation, panel delineation and double curve warning signs for curve at RP 33.55. This site is located in Yellowstone County. Site 8 - State Urban Route 1032/Johnson Lane at RP 1.2- Install panel delineation, lineal delineation on the guardrail, arrow boards and new curve signs through the curve at RP 1.2. This site is located within the Billings urban limits in Yellowstone County. Site 9 - State Route X-56788/Old Highway 312 (NW of Billings) at RP 2.3 to RP 3.1. Install panel delineation from RP 2.3 to 3.1. This site is located in Yellowstone County. MANDATORY PRE-BID CONFERENCE A pre-bid conference will be held at the following time and location: Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 10:00 AM. Billings District Conference Room, 424 Morey St., Billings, MT. The pre-bid conference will have a formal sign-in process that will become the official record of attendance for the purposes of determining eligible bidders. Attendance at this conference is mandatory for any Contractor to submit a bid as a prime bidder. Contractors who bid as a prime bidder on this project must have at least one full time, permanent employee present. No proxy representatives, such as subcontractors or consultants, meet this requirement. In the event a prime bidder tenders a bid but did not attend the pre-bid conference, the bid will be returned unopened. Representatives of the Department will be present to describe the project and answer questions. Representatives of the Apsaalooke Nation will be invited to the pre-bid conference. The pre-bid conference is for information only. The Department is not bound by any statement or representation concerning conditions or description of the work given by Department employees or agents and the pre-bid conference. The answers to any questions raised are nonbinding oral explanations or instructions, and relying on them is solely at the Bidder's risk. Any issues raised at the pre-bid conference must be posted on the Question and Answer Forum to be considered an enforceable provision of the contract to be let. The pre-bid attendee list and contract document clarifications or modifications considered necessary by the Department will be posted to the Question and Answer Forum. Bid documents and instructions to bidders may be obtained from the Construction Contracting Bureau. These documents may be requested by FAX (406)444-7236 (see order form), by mail, by downloading at the following web site: under "Bid Packages" link, or by calling (406)444 6215, 6212 or TTY 444 7696. Any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement is subject to all appropriate state and federal civil rights laws. The prime and subcontractors are required to pay the wage rates set out in the bid proposal. MDT will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin or sex in the award, performance or administration of any MDT contract or in the administration of its DBE program (49 CFR Part 26). MDT attempts to provide reasonable accommodations for any known disability that may interfere with a person participating in any service, program or activity of the department. Alternate accessible formats of this document will be provided upon request. If reasonable accommodation is needed to participate in MDT bid lettings, call the Civil Rights Bureau at 444-6331 or TTY 406-444-7696 [TTY 1-800-335-7592 (toll free)]. MONTANA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Barb Skelton, Chairperson Michael T. Tooley Montana Transportation Commission Director of Transportation #20581381 September 14, 21, 2019


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