The matches played this past Saturday on April 6 in Stevensville were successful all around, the teams played well, supported each other and made new friends, as it is tradition to feed the visiting team.

Junior High Boys:

The Junior High Teams combined forces (as Frenchtown only had eight boys) so both teams could play with a full side, giving more boys experience. Both sides played hard and it was fun to see them grow with a greater understanding of the game.

High School Girls: Bitterroot Valley Koa Wahines vs. Frenchtown Iron Maidens

The match began with the Iron Maidens jumping out with an early lead after scoring a few quick try’s (goals). The Koa Wahines fought back and after a few bumps and scraps they finally found their rhythm. They scored several try’s in the second half and were rallying towards a victory when the final whistle blew. It was a great match on both sides however the Koa Wahines found themselves a try short at the end.

High School Boys: Bitterroot Valley Warriors vs. Frenchtown Iron Horse

The Warriors jumped out to a quick lead and never stopped rolling. The Iron Horse fought back and the match (game) went up and down the pitch, as both teams are filled with skilled and talented players. The Iron Horse side scored in the second half and after a long hard battle the Warriors stayed on top with a score of 29-5.

This weekend, Saturday April 13th the Bitterroot teams will be traveling to Great Falls. They will be playing teams from Simms and Great Falls. Both team are talented and Simms is known for their technical play.

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