Park City’s Clancy wins first Women's State Am

2014-07-26T21:54:00Z Park City’s Clancy wins first Women's State AmBy BILL BIGHAUS Billings Gazette Ravalli Republic
July 26, 2014 9:54 pm  • 

BILLINGS – When it comes to the Montana State Women’s Golf Association State Amateur, Kyla Clancy has been a consistent, classy top 10 performer.

Now, she is a champion.

The 20-year-old Clancy, who is from Park City, had some exceptional moments during Saturday’s final round at Yellowstone Country Club, along with some struggles, en route to a rousing one-stroke triumph over Dorsey Addicks of Big Sky.

“This is definitely one I wanted,” Clancy said of her wire-to-wire, 54-hole victory. “It was home, and a lot of people were cheering for me. I’m glad I was able to make them proud.”

Clancy, who plays her college golf at Rocky Mountain College, closed with a 3-over-par 75 on a sunny, sometimes breezy afternoon for a three-day total of 7-over 223.

The 19-year-old Addicks, who shot a final-round of even-par 72 for an 8-over 224, finished second overall by one stroke for the second consecutive summer.

“It was pretty intense,” Clancy said of the competition. “Dorsey put up a huge fight. She really came after me. She just fought to the very end.”

Clancy, whose previous best State Amateur finish was fourth in 2012 in Whitefish, was followed throughout the nearly 5 1/2-hour round by a large group of family and friends.

Her 15-year-old brother, Liam, was her caddy. They were both decked out in neon green socks, and posed together for pictures with the huge championship trophy.

“Coming down the 18th hole, there’s really no better feeling,” Clancy said. “I was just so content. I knew I was going to win it, no matter what happened.

“It’s probably the best feeling I’ve ever had in golf.”

In the Senior (age 50 and up) portion of the tournament, Helena’s Susan Court, who started the day with a 10-shot lead, won by nine strokes over Laurel’s Sue Matson.

Court, who also won state in 2010, shot a closing 88 for a 250 total. Matson put together an 87 for a 259.

Montana State Women’s Amateur

& Senior Amateur

At Yellowstone Country Club

Final round


Par 72, 5,604 yards

Amateur Championship

Flight 1A

Kyla Clancy, Park City 75-73-75–223

D. Addicks, G. Gateway 76-76-72–224

C. Williamson, Great Falls 77-79-72–228

Maggie Crippen, Missoula 78-79-80–237

Katy Peterson, Glendive 76-83-78–237

Haylee Folkvord, Bozeman 79-77-84–240

Flight 1B

Morgan Lee, Great Falls 77-82-78–237

Katie Michunovich, Laurel 83-81-78–242

Kortney McNeil, Billings 84-78-82–244

Hailey Hoagland, Butte 80-81-83–244

Jacki Mee, Libby 82-81-84–247

Capri Ingram, Billings 83-81-84–248

Flight 2A

Sadie Crippen, Missoula 84-77-83–244

Lauren Hausauer, Bozeman 85-82-79–246

Bergen Buck, Bozeman 82-81-84–247

Mariah Cleveland, Billings 79-84-85–248

Shealyn Hafer, Butte 82-81-85–248

Brook Haag, Billings 83-83-90–256

Flight 2B

Samantha Walter, Billings 91-83-84–258

B. Cameron, Whitefish 91-90-81–262

Mckenzie Webinger, Laurel 93-86-86–265

Hayden Flohr, Billings 97-88-81–266

Sable Kerzmann, Colstrip 91-88-93–272

Chere’ Anderson, Billigns 92-96-84–272

Flight 3A

Hannah Zwemke, Billings 83-76-75–234

Bailee Dexter, Townsend 84-90-78–252

Kathie Dugger, Billings 94-90-76–260

Anna DeMars, Townsend 95-82-85–262

C. Campbell, Big Timber 88-89-87–264

Lexi Pyette, Great Falls 89-95-98–282

Flight 3B

Morgan O’Neil, Laurel 98-86-83–267

Katie Wills, Missoula 92-97-88–277

Cristina Burns, Worden 94-94-92–280

T. Campbell, Big Timber 89-105-96–290

Mar. Crippen, Missoula 95-97-98–290

Flight 4A

Margo Salsbery, Billings 84-78-81–243

B. Bezanson, Missoula 97-88-84–269

C. Babinecz, Great Falls 100-90-96–286

Morgan Woods, Fairfield 95-92-102–289

Lynzee Dexter, Townsend 98-90-101–289

Jalene Conlon, Billings 93-100-104–297

Flight 4B

Cheri Ellis, Red Lodge 97-97-95–289

C. Babinecz, Great Falls 100-100-95–295

S. Babinecz, Great Falls 105-98-107–310

M. Redman, Billings 114-105-94–313

A. Moran, Bozeman 110-103-106–319

Teresa Brown, Havre 104-110-114–328

Flight 5

Lori Baker, Helena 107-92-110–309

Traci Hirsch, Billings 103-103-108–314

Cheryl Woods, Fairfield 104-105-107–316

Emily Moran, Bozeman 116-105-104–325

Michelle Luce, Billings 110-111-110–331

Megan Ryan, Miles City 114-112-105–331

Senior Championship

Flight 1A

Susan Court, Helena 80-82-88–250

Sue Matson, Laurel 84-88-87–259

Fay Ferraro, Bozeman 88-87-90–265

Sue Peterson, Glendive 87-93-86–266

Bobbie Lacklen, Libby 89-89-89–267

Karen Finnegan, Billings 92-89-99–280

Flight 1B

Julia Jones, Missoula 91-93-85–269

Laura Wilson, Billings 96-94-90–280

Lisa Forsberg, Billings 99-94-88–281

M. Bryson, Montana City 93-97-92–282

Rosalie Meltzer, Missoula 88-100-95–283

Mary Spalding, Billings 98-95-95–288

Flight 2A

Shelly Wills, Missoula 90-93-96–279

Joy Staker, Bozeman 94-91-98–283

Cindy Reimers, Missoula 92-95-96–283

Nancy Schieno, Billings 93-90-101–284

Alde Feskanin, Ennis 93-99-100–292

Sharon Russell, Laurel 93-100-102–295

Flight 2B

Kandi Davis, Belgrade 100-95-94–289

Kathey Humphrey, Ennis 97-99-98–294

E. Halverson, Billings 101-99-98–298

Jan Dean, Missoula 102-99-98–299

Julie Finnicum, Billings 106-109-102–317

Flight 3A

Jennie Waggoner, Billings 96-89-97–282

Earlene Davis, Billings 92-99-94–285

Tracy Paine, Bozeman 94-99-95–288

Sue Bannon, Helena 93-100-96–289

Mardi Millons, Helena 93-98-100–291

Sandy Sward, Bozeman 101-95-105–301

Flight 3B

Dee Baxter, Laurel 98-100-96–294

Susan King, Billings 100-103-94–297

Michele Geer, Billings 97-99-102–298

M. Halstvedt, Billings 100-100-106–306

Sue McCall, Ennis 98-111-101–310

R. Jeffrey, Missoula 103-102-107–312

Flight 4A

Mary Stultz, Billings 97-94-95–286

Jane Erickson, Billings 99-99-97–295

Guyla Streit, Great Falls 98-101-97–296

Lisa Reimer, Laurel 93-101-103–297

Nancy Dimeola, Ennis 102-98-99–299

Ruth Fenn, Libby 101-95-104–300

Flight 4B

Loree Dark, Missoula 98-103-99–300

Sandi Nave, Billings 102-108-102–312

P.Alfred, Great Falls 105-108-102–315

Judy Hugelen, Billings 110-103-105–318

Alane Harkin, Lolo 114-106-106–326

Lynn Aniksdal, Ennis 111-114-109–334

Flight 5A

S. Stern, Frenchtown 98-102-100–300

Christa Reisinger, Libby 100-102-98–300

Gwen Graff, Missoula 104-103-101–308

Jean Mills, Billings 100-106-104–310

D. Fiveland, Billings 102-104-105–311

S. Alexander, Florence 105-95-117–317

Flight 5B

Carla Berg, Sidney 107-107-97–311

Carole Herron, Helena 106-107-107–320

D. Hammel, Billings 107-106-108–321

Linda Brunelle, Billings 110-111-112–333

Karen Rice, Ennis 111-110-117–338

L. Weidler, Billings 116-117-109–342

Flight 6A

D. Denecke, Bozeman 97-101-105–303

D. Timmerman, Billings 109-95-111–315

Linda Capser, Billings 108-106-104–318

Linda Mann, Missoula 107-108-103–318

R. Maun, Missoula 108-104-107–319

Linda Frickel, Laurel 111-102-111–324

Flight 6B

V. Olson, Judith Gap 114-108-101–323

Linda Reid, Billings 114-110-104–328

J. Olson, Bozeman 107-115-106–328

L. Blakney, Missoula 111-113-105–329

Sharon Olsen, Billings 114-119-115–348

Sharon Torske, Billings 126-119-115–360

Flight 7A

Sue Schelle, Billings 113-111-107–331

Helen Ryan, Billings 105-114-113–332

L. Jacobson, Billings 110-118-108–336

Marcia Hafner, Laurel 116-115-112–343

Elvira Wilcox, Billings 114-116-115–345

Judy Fladmo, Sidney 110-119-122–351

Flight 7B

Gina Zeilstra, Billings 119-114-109–342

S. Sanders, Bozeman 114-124-120–358

Karen Smith, Billings 115-121-125–361

Linda Frantz, Ennis 127-122-119–368

Patty Fleming, Billings 126-119-128–373

T. Willems, Helena 121-127-134–382

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