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The office of the Clerk of District Court is currently summoning jurors for jury trials scheduled over the next few months. Due to the nature and longevity of service requested we have summoned several hundred jurors.

In the interest of judicial economy, the Clerk of District Court is respectfully requesting that all citizens who have received a jury summons respond expeditiously and follow the instructions provided with their Jury Summons.

Our office requests you return the necessary documents as soon as possible due to the statute that mandates the sheriff serve a second summons if a response has not been received. Receiving your response in a timely manner will alleviate the extra burden that is placed on the sheriff’s office when a second summons must be served. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Whether confirming that you will appear or requesting an exemption, you must submit the proper documentation we have provided with your jury summons. If requesting a permanent exemption for medical reasons, you must attach a doctor’s confirmation letter to your exemption request. The questionnaire on the reverse side of the confirmation/exemption form needs to be completed and both sides of this document must be signed.

Thank you to all who have submitted their responses and a special thank you to all who have agreed to appear and fulfill their civic duty. Your participation is so important.

- Paige Trautwein

Ravalli County Clerk of District Court