On 9/10/2017, Marty Essen treated us to a diatribe about gun control, global warming, police brutality and politics.

When you say that Republicans "obstructed" attempts to impose "gun control" laws on us you are right! They followed their oaths of office to "Protect & defend the Constitution ..." ALL of the Constitution, including the First Amendment, which gives you the right to spew your opinion.

When Mr. McVeigh killed more people than were killed in Sandy Hook, Aurora, and Vegas did you call for "controls" or bans on diesel fuel and fertilizer?

When you say that Republicans are to blame for global warming you are wrong. True, there is global warming, but it is not mankind's fault. It is simply the laws of nature — everything changes and there is not a thing you can do about it. The wildfires in Montana produced more carbon dioxide into the air than all the cars in the U.S. did in the same amount of time. We can do something about that — thin and clean up our forests. Ladder fuels allow forest fires to burn longer and hotter, not Republicans.

And the Republicans didn't cause the hurricanes — that was caused by a much higher power. Police brutality — some officers step out side the law, just like some "college speakers" spew opinions as facts.

So your silly diatribe, like you, is irrelevant, and the Republicans are sure not to blame for that!

Michael McLaughlin