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I do not feel Dr. Christensen was given a fair trial.

I ask Ravalli County residents to consider what they would do if charged with homicide and were not allowed to present character witnesses or evidence. If this wasn’t a question of character, then what was it?

I‘ve known Dr. Chris for many years. He is the kindest, most truly caring doctor ever. On numerous occasions he has made free-of-charge house calls, opened the clinic after hours and just been there for my family, even through the untimely deaths of my husband and father-in-law from cancer, always supportive and there for us no matter what we decided to do.

Suicide is a choice no one can force anyone else to make - to blame the mode used and the doctor is akin to blaming the gun instead of the shooter.

Dr. Chris is either a Kevorkian-type monster or simply a doctor who doesn’t operate within the parameters of our ever-failing medical system. I know first-hand that he is very caring and competent. Perhaps some might say a little too caring because he hates to see anyone in pain. He is being targeted simply because the government decided he just doesn’t do things according to their standards of practice. Where are all the overdose-suicides that other physicians have on their records? Why did we not hear about those?

I thank God for people like him. I know where I’d be without them. I really wish both sides of this story were being reported.

Emily DeMyer