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Hope we’re not in WWIII by the time you read this.

I try to keep up – newspapers, newscasts, internet – and every day it seems I find myself scratching my head and asking did we just buy a pig in a poke? Enough time has passed that by now we can get some measure of the man and how he’ll govern. And it doesn’t look good.

Half his cabinet is billionaires and the other half are from Goldman Sachs. Aren’t those the “bad people” he warned us that Hillary would bring onboard? I don’t have any billionaire friends and I doubt that they much care about me. And one of his first Executive Orders said that financial and investment specialists don’t have to look after our best interests. They can steer us to invest in low performance funds that give them a bigger commission. How does any of this help us middle class folks.

He’s tried to do some other things but didn’t get anything done. He always blames others. When his version of Obamacare didn’t pass, he blamed the Dems. Huh? He has majorities in both the House and the Senate. He didn’t need ANY Dem votes. How could it be their fault?

I think the answer is simple – he’s always been the boss. He just tells everybody else what to do and there’s nobody to challenge him. Or even ask any questions. Now he’s got 535 folks, and their constituents, to answer to. Our problems are complicated and so are the solutions. He can’t just dictate a course of action. Government doesn’t work that way.

Mr. Gianforte is just like him. Don’t make the same mistake twice. We didn’t want him for Governor because he didn’t really represent us. Why would we send him to Congress?

– Mark Van Loon, Hamilton