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Money is the root of political evil. The wealthy people have more money than the poor people can politically raise. You can’t beat the wealthy who are controlling our government with money because the middle class just can’t match the wealthy when it comes to political money. If we try to do it with money we will lose and still have the purchased representatives residing in our capitals doing the bidding of the wealthy and the NRA.

How can we beat the wealthy? Knocking on doors. Nothing gets out the vote like a rap on the door. It has always been difficult to get enough door rappers out banging on the voter’s doors but now we have a flood of door rappers eager to make a political change.

An estimate of the number of high school students in the United states would put the number at rough fully 108 million.

I have listened to the wonderful speeches students are extoling in front of the various legislative bodies and their plea is impassioned but it will only pass into the left ears of the of the legislators and right out the other side. They will continue to vote for the people who provided the money, so they could be elected. Nothing will be done about gun laws.

However, if the 108 million high school students were organized into political door knockers the high school students could control the election of people who would not be indebted to the wealthy who would vote for sane gun laws.

All it would take is organizing the high schools in political districts. Select the candidate who is going to pass legislation that will control guns. A lot of the high school students will be eighteen and able to vote. If you had a lot of door knockers extoling the virtues of the candidate of their choice the wealthy could not put up enough money to beat you. High schoolers could elect the people who would service the best interests of our country.

– John Robinson, Hamilton