Sen. Steve Daines held a meeting today (Feb. 21) regarding Senate bill 2206, to remove Wilderness Study Area designation from some WSAs in Montana. Ironically, the event was held at a dealership for ATVs near Hamilton. It was scheduled for 1:15 pm, and although not widely publicized, word did spread. At least 50 people, who oppose losing even one more acre of wilderness, came to be heard.

Much to our dismay, the senator came and left early, meeting only with his supporters, including the Ravalli County Commissioners. How can Daines claim to represent us, when he won’t even listen to us? Mr. Daines represents those who would mechanically exploit the last acre of wild land. The Ravalli County Commissioners are complicit in this cowardly trick to avoid facing those with whom they disagree. I took two hours off work and drove to Hamilton to attend this meeting, but when I arrived at 1:10 pm, Daines had already come and gone.

Mr. Daines dodged us, but probably still claims we support bill. His callous behavior has generated a lot anger, but we can elect someone who actually respects us enough to listen to our concerns.

William Thompson, Hamilton