Is Steve Daines working against Montana? He voted for a bill to repeal the ACA, which according to the CBO, if passed, would have left 16 million Americans uninsured and increased premiums. Regardless of one’s thoughts about the ACA, jeopardizing the health of Americans without a replacement is cruel. He supports a Republican/Trump tax bill that’s projected to increase the deficit by more than a trillion dollars. Fiscally conservative he’s not.

Daines is reportedly worth $15 million. Raising the deficit or taking away health care won’t affect him; he’s rich. He has no idea what it’s like to struggle for meaningful health care. If it affected his family, he’d vote differently. He puts ideology over American’s health and is willing to burden us with deficits. One can’t remember when he’s had a face to face town hall meeting in Montana. The wildfire “survey” on his taxpayer funded website is embarrassing. One gets two choices: “Mismanagement of federal forests; environmental groups and judges who block timber harvests” or “Global Warming." The survey’s bias has been pointed out by scientists yet Daines continues seeking simple answers to complex problems. A fifth grader could see through this.

He introduced a bill that jeopardizes the integrity of Wilderness Study Areas. These special places have overwhelming support from Montanans. Too bad Teddy Roosevelt conservative Republicans are extinct.

If Daines is a friend, we don’t need enemies. Add a few helicopter rides and Monument reductions from Zinke, a Gianforte body slam, and the swamp runneth over.

– Gary Milner, Corvallis