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May brings Memorial Day. We remember those who died for their country.

Two I especially honor are an uncle and a childhood friend. My uncle, and godfather, died in 1954, from wartime Pacific Theatre injuries, leaving behind a devastated widow and four children, including an infant. He was a soft spoken, hardworking, good family man.

My friend joined the Marines following high school graduation. Good student, outstanding athlete, devout church member, handsome, only son, and blown to pieces in Nam in 1966.

Like myself, they were children of immigrants from NYC. Recently, Attorney General Sessions from Alabama made a snide remark about New Yorkers. I worked in four Confederate States and with Confederates from almost all. One hundred plus years later, they still insult ‘Yankees’ and especially New Yorkers.

South Carolina traitors started that war by firing on a U.S. Army fort and the American flag. Thousands of Confederate memorials are still displayed. I’ve tolerated anti-New Yorker remarks for years, even in Montana.

I view Republican draft dodgers with contempt: Trump, Cheney, Bush 2, Romney, Sessions, cheered on by draft dodger FOX stars: Buchanan, Rivera et al. Trump got five deferments claiming a bone spur on a foot, which did not curtail 50-plus years of golfing and jet setting.

My late husband’s grandfather (from NY) joined the U.S. Army in the Civil War, at age 14. My NYC accent may be grating; but I find the traitors’ drawl nauseating.

This Memorial Day, I will tearfully remember my NYC uncle and friend, who died too soon.

– Claire L Kelly, Stevensville