lovejoy lte

Thanks, Mario Locatelli, for bringing the spiked fence on Westside Road and Wyant Lane back to the neighborhood’s attention. It’s been the topic of a letter to the editor in the past, much neighborhood discussion, and personal distress for children and caring adults. I personally have called the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks warden twice about unfortunate deer. Their office goes out of their way to try and talk with the homeowner and of course remove impaled deer as their time permits. Sometimes there are more than one hanging on the fence.

School children are traumatized by the sight as the school bus goes by. Pregnant does and their fetuses die lingering deaths, nursing does leave orphan fawns to starve, and fawns are mortally injured while their mother looks on. How is this OK? Car and truck drivers are also endangered as frightened deer bound toward the fence and then back across the road, trying to escape vehicles.

There are many solutions. A simple one is to have a welder remove the spikes so that deer can leap through. Another is to open “doors” in the fence, minimizing deer and human car wrecks. These openings exist along Wyant Lane. Still another is to run wire fencing along the fence with smaller holes so deer don’t go through. Motorists can help by slowing their speed, as that location is also near a thoroughfare that moose and their calves use to cross the road and go to the creek.

We have a moral and ethical responsibility to wildlife, that if we have create a deadly hazard for them, we also create a solution to keep death and suffering to a minimum. If the homeowner will contact me, I’d consider paying for the spike removal option by a welder. What’s $1,000 bucks when dozens of deer every year could be free to live out their lives in peace? Any welders out there? Let’s get together, offer a solution and fix this!


Becky Lovejoy