Like many Montanans, I was extremely disappointed in Sen. Jon Tester’s recent vote against tax cuts. As a small business owner, I know that Montana will benefit from the tax reform bill of 2017.

Montana offers unique challenges for small business owners; apparently Jon Tester has no idea what our challenges are because he voted against the tax reform bill in 2017. He voted along party lines and I believe he knew it was not in the best interest of Montana businesses.

The 2017 tax reform package will allow me to grow my business and hire more Montana employees.

By voting against tax cuts, Tester proves he will side with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi while thumbing his nose at his constituents.

It’s time to replace Jon Tester with someone who has Montana’s best interests at heart. After considering the Republican opponents, I believe that the best person to defeat Tester is State Auditor Matt Rosendale.

I believe Matt will support my business, and other Montana small businesses, above party and D.C. politics. He’s managed employees, understands small business and knows that lower taxes and deregulation is good for Montana, and America. And Matt has already proven to Montanans that he will reduce spending, cut taxes and reduce regulations from his service in the Legislature.

As a business owner, I believe we need someone with this experience representing us in the Senate and I support Matt Rosendale as the best candidate to defeat Jon Tester.

Mike Fikany