I assume after reading the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on buffer zones around women’s health clinics that the so-called “free speech zones” that are set up at political conventions and buffer zones around the Supreme Court itself will now be a thing of the past.

Of course I know better – like the open carry laws permitting people to carry their guns into churches and schools, libraries and bars all still prohibit those same good guys with guns from carrying in court houses or congressional halls. What’s good for us geese is obviously not good for the ganders.

Abortion is legal and is protected by our Constitution. If you don’t like that cast your vote and win an election. Meantime, if protesters show up and block clinics here in Montana I will personally show up, videotape the protesters and copy license plates and I will then show up at their churches with megaphones, pictures of dead babies killed in the name of God and I will inform their children what sorts of ungodly things are being done all over the globe in the name of God.

Freedom of religion does not mean you have the right to force me to live by your religious convictions. I hope others will join me in taking the offensive in this – 60 years of tolerating “Christian” intolerance has finally worn thin for me.

Bob Petersen,


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